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Redesigning for Conversions

We build websites that turn visitors into paying customers.

An elegant, functional website builds trust with visitors and becomes the face of your brand online. We understand the impact of a well-executed website redesign. Because our service is about more than just a pretty website – it’s about a seamless user experience that results in more sales.

So, what are you looking for? Is it time for a facelift so your website matches your brand’s ideals? Do you need to get in step with the latest in technology, making sure your website is optimized for all devices? Tell us what your goals are and we can make it happen.

Built for Mobile, Built to Rank

Our code is SEO standards compliant and responsive on all devices.

Performance is the driving force and purpose behind every successful website. If your website isn’t visible or accessible to users, it doesn’t serve its purpose. We build sites that not only glide fluidly between screens, but are lightweight and coded to be SEO friendly with optimal speed. User experience will only become increasingly more important for organic search algorithms (and already is), so we stay on top of the latest in technology.

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Your Website, Your Brand

Capturing your business’s culture in digital

An effective website reflects your company, your values and your mission and tells the story behind who you are. We bring brands to life on the web so customers can identify with who you are before they even meet you. Does your website tell the world about your unique solutions?

As trends in technology and design change at increasing rates, we can help make sure your website stays in sync with your company and stays relevant for today.

Reasons to Get a Fresh, New Look

Cymax Media can help you achieve the look to gain more visitors, and future customers. We have a team who would love to help you along your web design journey. Start this year off with a fresh design for a fresh beginning and more business. Contact Cymax Media today to have a free consultation about redesigning your website today!

Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Have you considered the magnitude of the importance of your website? Your website is the primary way for customers to discover your business. Your website is what leaves the first impression on every visitor so it is vital to make sure that you take web design seriously.

Like any other business, you website needs to have regular maintenance. When your website has been neglected for years, it will slowly regress, become outdated, look old and unappealing and this is a big turn off for customers.

You might like many aspects of your website how it is and not want a completely different website. Luckily, there is a solution for that and Cymax Media can help you with it. It’s called redesigning your website.

How do you know if you need to redesign your website? Is there a formula for how long you are supposed to wait before redesigning? Although there is not an exact outline for when to redesign, here are some reasons for why you may want consider upgrading your website.

1. Your Website is Chaotic & Disorganized

Having your website visually organized and clean is a great appeal for visitors. When they see too many words, small photos, and too many conflicting colors, it causes potential clients to leave and click off of your website.

Why is this?

A chaotic and cluttered website shows that your business is messy and disorderly. People don’t want to have to filter through tons of content, links, sidebars, menus, pop ups, subscribe buttons, etc. This is visually distracting. Visitors prefer simple websites that have tasteful color schemes, and a clear layout which helps them contact your business easily.

2. You are having trouble with the functionality of your website

Websites are much more complex than most people would assume. For every website on the internet, there are thousands of lines of code which are all co-creating the website as you know it. Websites have technical problems all the time. Even if the owner of a website thinks that their website is working perfectly, there is still a possibility that users are having problems. Cymax Media can help detect any problems with your website and work to fix them for you.

3. Your Business Has Evolved

As your company develops and evolves, it is important that your website changes to match the updated version of your company. This can be done by syncing color pallets, logos, products, targeted audience and the overall atmosphere of your company.

If you want to redesign the total feel of your company, this is a great time to upgrade the branding of your business. It is also a great opportunity to consider a new and better mission for your business.

4. It Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

Even in this time when most people use smartphones, it’s surprising how many people still have websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Businesses that don’t have a mobile friendly site have the majority of their users bounce off of your website to view a competitor of yours who DOES have a mobile friendly site. Most of people searching the web are using smartphones.

What exactly does it mean to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly websites are defined by two factors:

The website loads quickly. This is important because people don’t want to wait for a long time for your website to load or to respond.
Your website’s design is responsive. Google has a test to determine if your website is mobile friendly. If not, your website will not be favored in search ranking results.

5. Is Your Website Design Out of Date?

When it comes to cars, architecture, clothes or interior home design, the fashions are always coming and going. There is no exception when it comes to website design.

Drop shadow used to be a common part of design. Now, words with drop shadows just look out of date. Flat design has become much more popular and if you’re still following old trends, it’s time for an upgrade. When your web design looks current and up to date, it shows that your business is at the lead of your market and presents your business in a more professional manner.

For those who are unsure of how to portray their design, it is always best to focus on delivering compelling content and the design should follow naturally. The design of a website supports the purpose portraying who you are and your services. Design should not be the primary face of your business, but assist in the mission of your business.

It’s easy to get tired of looking at the same old website. Maybe your competitors have recently revamped their website and it looks really sharp. Every business owner knows that falling behind the competition by looking dated or stale is unacceptable, but we can help your site to look as good if not better than your competitor’s site. A fresh, new look is not just exciting for customers, but for your entire team as well!

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