A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

The lighting is perfect. The people are smiling, and the subject is clearly in focus. What is it about a great photo that makes your website look light-years better than it did before?

The truth is, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Through the skillful manipulation of environment and technology, the result can be an image that enhances the aesthetic side of your website dramatically. More than ever, companies both large and small are realizing that photography is one of the most powerful marketing techniques there is.

Photos are being utilized in magazines, books, billboards, and other printed materials to evoke an emotional response in potential customers. Positive images can create a positive atmosphere for your website through facial expressions, lighting and movement. And emotions are important when it comes to making a purchase. If a potential buyer does not see any photos regarding a certain product or service, they may be inclined to feel a sense of distrust or even reluctance to contact the company. However, adding photos of products significantly increases conversion rates, and according to scientific study, seeing a human face, as well, is scientifically proven to increase a viewer’s perception of trustworthiness.

Choosing Photos for Your Website

Now the internet also is harnessing the power of photography when it comes to marketing appeal. Photos can be used to take a company’s website from drab to dynamic. But only if they are used right. The improper use of photography can result in drastically downgrading your design and fewer conversions. Here are a few of Cymax Media’s tips on pictures for your website:

  1. Avoid cheesy, stock-image-looking photos. People know how to tell when a photo looks… fake. These will severely hurt the appearance of your website, as is evidenced by the photo below:datacom-screenshot
  2. When in doubt, original content is always better. Consider hiring a professional photographer to shoot at your location or photograph some of your work for you. In many cases, stock photos simply will not do justice to seeing the actual result in person. Remember: paying someone to do a quality job to enhance your appearance online often results in increased sales and should NEVER be viewed as an expense, but an investment. Hiring a photographer will also save you the time it takes to weed through the thousands of photos available online, as well as accurately shows off your goods to the world.
  3. Severe penalties can result from stealing images! Never swipe an image from places such as Google or other websites for your use. It is a much less risky (and more ethical) practice to purchase stock images from places like istockphoto.com or depositphotos.com.

At least 10 percent of a company’s annual income should be devoted to marketing its products or services. Purchasing high-quality photos not only enhances a company’s website’s design – it is a marketing investment. So don’t be afraid to upgrade your look – and never underestimate the power of the perfect picture.