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What Can Your Business Achieve with SEO?

In today’s business world there is a need to stay relevant, this means moving with the tide. The idea behind every business is to attract customers, this is often quite tasking, but no worries – with the right Seattle SEO experts, you are sure to gain that publicity that your business needs.


There is a lot of competition out there; this ranges from ecommerce websites to other forms of service websites, all dragging for space and high ranking. A good SEO marketing strategy ensures that your website’s visibility isn’t left to chance. We excel in the field of SEO technology and we are knowledgeable on Google ranking factors which ensure that your website gets valuable attention.


This is usually the most difficult part in any business: building adequate traffic to their business website. This is because on every advert on social media, there are a ton of people who see these adverts but are not in need of your products. This is where a Seattle SEO firm comes in. They help you reach out to a targeted audience.


SEO boosts income. This is evident with the changes in sales before and after SEO adoption in any company. Most people believe that organic traffic comes naturally, as long as you run a business website. This is a slow and painful process as there are hundreds and thousands of websites who offer the same services as you do. This is a big problem as companies that run a healthy SEO marketing strategy tend to shadow every other competing business. What we do is to open up the doors and bridge the gaps between potential clients and your business.

Search Engine Optimization Results

How We Help Websites Online

  • Site speed and performance

  • Content creation and marketing

  • Permalink check

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • On and off site analysis and optimization

  • Menu structure

  • Interlinking and duplicate content correction

“Our search engine rankings have improved greatly. I think they will be even better because we’re incorporating more capacity on the new [website]. Cymax Media is responsive, professional and easy to understand. They have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with!”


Experts in SEO You Can Trust

  • Dominate your Competition on Google with our State of the Art Ranking Strategies

  • Multiple Award Winning Digital Agency
  • Top Rated Web Specialists by Upcity and other Third Party Research Firms

  • 20 + Years Experience Ranking Websites in Organic Search

  • High ROI with the best online source of customer traffic

SEO is Replacing other Advertising Mediums in Seattle

Long gone are the days of putting an ad in the local business and becoming a prosperous company. The world has gone digital. Have you?

A Brief Look at Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the power-house that supports modern day businesses. It can be referred to as a set of strategies put in place to boost the visibility of businesses online through various platforms such as social media, eCommerce, blogs and official business websites. Lots of businesses understand the need to stay competitive in an ever expanding and technologically advanced world. This has led to the growing need for the most experienced and best SEO service providers. SEO is very complex and requires skill and technical know-how in order to achieve results, this is where our agency, Cymax Media excels. We are a step above 100% when it comes to SEO planning and implementation and our services are geared to give your business a lift, giving your brand the popularity it needs.

Google Holds the Key

Everyone has heard of Google. It is that one search engine we run to when we need to find out the meaning of things, or perhaps do research on one thing or the other. Google is man’s best friend, but do we really understand how Google works? How does Google find and provide information to every query? How does Google decide, out of a ton of websites which has the product we want, which website should come on the first page and which should be first over another? AHA! You might need to search Google for that answer… but we will spare you the hassle. Google works with highly complex algorithms which use hundreds of factors to prioritize what websites that is most suited to be displayed. Some of these factors involve responsive technology such as mobile compatibility and competitive keyword research. SEO can be done wrong! This is why our team works around the clock to amass pools of information, testing and implementing strategies to know what works best for any business.

The Impact of SEO in modern Seattle

There is a significant drift from the old ways of creating adverts and the modern tactics. Seattle as a place of business has greatly evolved. People are less likely to buy printed adverts and entertainment such as newspapers and magazines. These forms of advertising is slowly phasing out. Most people simply go online for whatever news or entertainment they need. Businesses try to stay competitive by opting for the services of SEO firms. The world is going digital and the internet is the best market place. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to secure the future of your business through SEO.

Is there Such Thing as a Bad SEO Strategy?

Unfortunately, yes! Thousands of businesses spring up every day. ECommerce stores are built every minute. These all lead to a demand for visibility and when the business owner isn’t patient enough to go for the right sources, they end up going to shady SEO agencies that are able to use unethical, back-door tactics to temporarily boost your traffic and your ranking using software, bots manipulators, keyword stuffing and various other shady tactics. This usually yields immediate result but to the detriment of your business. Google penalizes such websites and this becomes a problem for the brand. One thing you must know about SEO is that, it isn’t magic! It is not spontaneous and it takes time to achieve. When you follow the right path you will find your business at top ranking and this would be permanent.

The Topic of Traffic

As important as traffic is for business, high traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. Some businesses have very high website traffic from all platforms but very poor sale. This is a target problem. If you advertise to a large number of people, only those who are in need of your services would convert to sales. A typical example is an online store that deals in the sales of dog accessories, the website is able to reach 1,500 people on social media but only about 58 are dog owners. This wouldn’t be helpful for business. SEO helps you target your audience better in order to reach the demographic of people that is likely to need your services. This is referred to as Quality traffic as opposed to quantity traffic.

Is an On-Site Evaluation Necessary?

The function of an On-site audit is to take inventory of the complete website structure and everything relating to your business’s public appearance. This helps to highlight the flaws and the lags in the system. All SEO roadblocks can be fished out and corrected with our expertise. We conduct an intensive background check to verify the efficacy of every structure on your business website. This leads to improvement and more productive campaigns that’s sets your business on a pedestal for success.

How Long Does SEO Take Before it shows ROI?

Businesses differ in need and level of industry competitiveness. There are a lot of complexities in dealing with SEO. It requires a lot of planning, research and monitoring. There is no silver bullet that instantly transforms ranking. Search Engine Optimization can take between hours to months. This is why it is necessary to go for the right Seattle SEO agency that has the experience and skill to augment whatever foundation has been laid in order to get your business trending and making sales.

Cymax Media: We Make the Difference

We are the SWAT team of SEO, the special squad, a set of highly skilled, dynamic and diverse people with 20 years worth of experience in all forms of business dynamics. We carved out a niche for ourselves where we have made tremendous progress on, with a trail of success stories to back it up. We have a large clientele base and we deliver on every deal. One thing you are sure to love about us is how we stay abreast of the latest trend in business. We are highly informed in all forms of data and business analytics. This enables us to give the best recommendations for all kinds of businesses. We will apply our endless pool of knowledge to ensure that your business is top of its class in Google ranking. Give us a call for a free consultation session on (720)202-1645. Our teams of experts are waiting to give you the best tailored advice to suit your business.

What Steps Does an SEO Company Take to Better Your Rankings?

Every business works better with a tailored approach, this is necessary to achieve the desired results. However a successful campaign comes with the elements below:

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Competition Gap Analysis
  • Professional Content Copy
  • Thorough Back link Investigation
  • Local Citation Cleanups and Audits
  • Accurate Traffic Analytics Integration
  • On-site Optimization Audits and Corrections
  • Off-site Optimization and Content Promotion
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with A and B testing

Our Processes Implementation

  1. Discovery

We take pulse of the business foundations by immersing ourselves into its marketing platforms, both On-site and Off-site. This is to find its possible weaknesses and device tactics to make up for these flaws.

  1. Strategy

This phase is where all data is collected and a plan is drawn out. Every changes that will be made is first planned out and compiled, these changes may include, keyword, content, URL structures, Titles and Meta Data.

  1. Execution

At this final and critical stage, we implement all strategies, while monitoring statistics and data. We also keep our clients fully aware on every progress by providing monthly reports.

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