For most companies, their website is the most valuable (and affordable) online presence and marketing tool. But could it work better for you? It’s important to rethink and refresh your website and marketing message to keep it current, on target and as effective as possible.

Every year businesses face the challenges and shifting tides of competition, and changing customer needs. To stay ahead of the pack, you need to keep your website sharp by updating, refocusing your marketing message and as well as refreshing you look and design. A lot can change over a year! Leverage change to your advantage.

Smart companies capitalize on changing trends and markets by accepting change and adapting quickly as a path toward success. Updating your website and rethinking your business strategy and goals on an annual basis can be a powerful pathway to increase your bottom line. Creating a fresh and engaging website helps stimulate interest and generate new customers.

Don’t just stay afloat…get on top of your competition by refining your marketing message, value proposition and updating your website with a bold, new look. Car manufacturers put out a new look each and every year for every model – no matter what. They are constantly reinventing both their design and their message – year after year…because it generates interest and enthusiasm – and works.

Your website needs to work for you.
We recently had a client ask us for help to redesign their website which they just rebuilt 6 months ago. A lot of effort was put into it so we asked why they wanted to rebuild it so soon. They said it didn’t work for them for two reasons: it wasn’t bringing leads and it doesn’t really describe what they do. For all the  effort, fancy graphics and piles of  web pages their new website was a “major fail.”

Looks matter.

Design matters.

Messaging matters.

All three of these must work together as a team to help drive inquiries and sales.

Also important to note…your web designer matters.

If you’re serious about your website working for you. The web design company you select should have serious experience – not just in web design but in a wide range of digital marketing services…like Cymax Media.

When you update the design and look of your website you have the opportunity to refocus your marketing message. Cymax Media is not only a web design firm, we specialize in marketing consulting and digital solutions to help take your business to new heights. We’re constantly helping companies “rethink and refresh” their online marketing efforts. We invite you to touch base with us and discover how we can help your business.