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Every great website or marketing effort needs great photos. Cymax Media provides professional corporate photographic services for clients in and around the Denver metro area as well as Colorado Springs. We specialize in corporate head shots, drone photography, product photography, architectural and creative photography for digital marketing, websites,  brochures, annual reports, etc.

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Building Drone Photography

We are FAA Certified Drone Pilots!

Drone Photography

Picture Perfect Images

Visual strategies for Marketing impact

Business is never far from its competition. Even if you have years more experience, better products or services – there is someone always gunning for your clients, that’s why you absolutely must empower your website and marketing materials with the best visuals possible – to help your brand stand out from the competition.

We shoot on-location head shots for Executives and Entrepreneurs in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Our business head shots put you in the best light to project the professional image you need. We take head shots of professionals, business people, groups and entire companies.

Bottom line…we help our clients look great.

Yes! We can make you look younger! We are experts at Photoshop and other digital tools to help make you look your best. In fact, our digital retouching helps our portraits deal with a wide variety of issues including:

• Wrinkle Reduction

•Eye Lightening and Crows Feet Reduction

•Skin Shine Reduction

•Teeth Whitening

•Neck Slimming

We even had someone ask us if we could help them lose about 35 pounds – in his photo – and we did!

If you have a great building and location we can deliver  stunning architectural photos which are perfect for business brochures, websites, corporate reports or other marketing needs. We research your location and consult with our clients to discuss the types of photos we think would best show off their property. We handle interiors, exteriors and even do aerial drone photography. We also provide video production services which we can combine with a photo session so we can deliver unforgettable aerial photos of your building.

Denver Business Photography

Image Strategy Matters

Initial impressions are critical in today’s fast paced world. That’s why your first impression needs to be your best.

In today’s digital world of technology,  you absolutely must have creative business and product photography or video content as an integral part of your marketing materials and communication strategy.  Your image strategy should flow from your overall marketing strategy – understand your target market – who are they, what are their demographics, tastes, styles and preferences all should come into play in deciding  what imagery might best connect and reach your customers.

Cymax Media are experts at marketing consulting and website design so its a natural thing to help our clients acquire or shoot the best photos for their new image.

Based in the Denver market, Cymax Media can capture your products, staff, key events and trade shows with photography that is both creative and valuable to your corporate image.

Digital photography and advanced software allows us to control the exposure and focus of our subject to perfection. With corporate head shots, we can present the best image of your team and deliver photos that take your brand to the next level. Many companies don’t fully appreciate what hiring a professional photographer can do. Sure, everyone’s got a smart phone but a professional has spent years studying things like lighting, composition and is armed with thousands of dollars of advanced software which can further enhance any photo. A professional photographer will be able to improve your typical smart phone photo by a factor of 20-30% at the very least – which is significant.

Because visuals are a huge part of your brand, any well thought out marketing campaign should start with the best photos possible. The saying “quality in is quality out” really holds true. You can have a great idea for a marketing effort but if your image is sub-par then you’ll miss your mark. The first rule of marketing is to “capture attention.” That is done best by striking visuals or graphics.  In the Denver market there is an exciting buzz going on as new growth is visible in the new construction  projects that seem to be on every corner. All this growth means new business and new competition. To stay ahead of the pack, try upgrading your website with some new photos. You might be surprised at the way a new look can impress your customers!

Aerial Drone Photography
If you have a unique building or property you might consider hiring Cymax Media to shoot an aerial photo or video. We provide drone photography and video services which give an amazing, cinematic look to every shot. The views provided by our video drones are truly spell-binding – they grab and hold attention and are extremely unique and valuable assets for any marketing campaign.

Bokeh for Backgrounds

Bokeh is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.”  We love to get Bokeh effects for backgrounds because the soft, out of focus background helps accentuate the foreground subject matter. While zoom lenses are now at their golden age, prime lenses continue to enjoy deep-rooted popularity. Despite having a fixed focal length, prime lenses boast qualities that surpass this disadvantage, some of which are their “bokeh effect,” “shake-free images,” and “sharp depiction.”

The bottom line is if you have new products, new team members, or  haven’t updated the look of your marketing materials or website you owe it to your company to get a fresh look by starting with some new photos.

Image is everything – at least in the marketing world. Image will get you noticed. In fact, it takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person – this applies to your photo too!

In this new photo-crazed world of selfies you need to make sure you’ve got quality portrait photography that stands out and helps you looks the best you can look. After all, why not look the best you can look? In the hands of a professional, headshots involve more than just a “deer in the headlights” type of photo or a mugshot…headshots done right are a creative work of art where your face is the center of attention! While you might be focusing on combing your hair or smiling for the camera, there’s a lot that goes into finding the right background and getting the best lighting for the location at hand. Outdoor photos are great because of the natural lighting but you have to watch out for wind and harsh shadows the sun can project. Indoors means we’ll bring in special lighting gear. In both situations the photographer has to plan out the best way to create Bokeh (out of focus effects) in creating a background which compliments the subject.

We are experts at photo retouching and are often involved with improving headshots to deal with things like… skin imperfections, yellow teeth, wrinkles, dandruff, double chins, loose hairs or some other natural imperfections – these can all be improved during the retouching process. (Wouldn’t it be great if it could be this easy in real life!)

We specialize in on-location photo sessions in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Castle Rock and nearby areas in Colorado.

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