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SEO Can Save Your Business

Owning a business in today’s world requires adequate market orientation and grit. An enterprising acumen would definitely take your business far
but the challenge is finding the right customers who need your services. You would definitely need a well laid SEO strategy to sway crowd.



For customers to find you, your business would have to glow in the crowd. Quality visibility in terms of website ranking on Google and other renowned search engines is what your business needs. We know just how to give your business that Miami SEO publicity you desire.


Ranking well on Google is absolutely mandatory! When people search for specific goods or services, they usually do not check the second page of the search engine result pages. This means that your only chance at increasing traffic flow to your website is a well planned SEO strategy, which ensures your website is cemented at the top – on the first SERP.



As you attract more targeted audience your sales skyrocket automatically. We get fully involved in these processes, securing customer relationships to ensure that your business gets the right attention it deserves.

Search Results

How We Help Websites Online

  • Site speed and performance

  • Content creation and marketing

  • Permalink check

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • On and off site analysis and optimization

  • Menu structure

  • Interlinking and duplicate content correction

“Our search engine rankings have improved greatly. I think they will be even better because we’re incorporating more capacity on the new [website]. Cymax Media is responsive, professional and easy to understand. They have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with!”


Experts in SEO You Can Trust

  • Dominate your Competition on Google with our State of the Art Ranking Strategies

  • Multiple Award Winning Digital Agency
  • Top Rated Web Specialists by Upcity and other Third Party Research Firms

  • 20 + Years Experience Ranking Websites in Organic Search

  • High ROI with the best online source of customer traffic

Miami’s Finest SEO Service Agency

If you’ve been looking for the best New York has to offer, look no further. We are Cymax Media, the most skilled SEO agency that can assure you ROI for your large business or SMEs.

What all Does SEO Entail?

People often misinterpret the meaning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a system that is applied strategically to expand the visibility and reach of a website, making it accessible to targeted audience. SEO involves a set of very intricate designs which infuses credibility to a website making it a natural selection for Google algorithms and other search engines. Search engines are programmed to give its users the best solutions to their queries. Our job is to ensure that your business gains top credibility and priority on every related search. We achieve this by utilizing mobile website designs as well as highly competitive keyword research. Cymax Media is a blend of adaptability and resilience. We stay current on every new industry trend, this enables us give our clients top notch services.

How Google Works

The key to visibility is skill and strategy, Google algorithms have thousands of factors used to rank websites and these factors change very often. These advanced algorithms weigh certain details and qualifications which determine if your website proffers the best solution to the query. Google is adding a few stipulations for ranking such as responsive technology which directly implies the compatibility of websites with mobile technology. These new technology advancements are the most current website enhancements that would give your website higher priority in ranking. Our team works around the clock to get first hand information on the latest changes in SEO performance indicators.

The SEO Revolution in Miami

Every corner you look, you see people on their phones and mobile devices. This is because technology has taken over. The days of printed advertising such as news papers and magazines are quickly phasing out. Most people go online for entertainment, news, adverts, job vacancies and even purchases. Online transactions have increased exponentially and there is a large market online for businesses; this is why most businesses go for a Miami SEO service provider, to give their business a competitive edge. You have the opportunity to give your business the boost that it needs to reach spotlight.

What Qualifies as Good SEO

Quality SEO is one that is tailored to your business and contains all the elements required to attract targeted audience. Good SEO is NOT measured by time taken to build temporary ranking or zero value traffic. A lot of SEO service providers use very unethical back-door SEO strategies that might get you ranking high in a very short period of time and even drive reasonable traffic to your website but the traffic usually do not convert to sales as the audience are not targeted and these strategies can get your website penalized, leading to a bad reputation. SEO is not spontaneous. It takes time to build. Different businesses have peculiar needs which are applied using the most suitable SEO strategy. We understand the dynamics of SEO perfectly and we take our time to ensure that your site gains top priority and maintains that position permanently.

The Deal with Traffic

Some SEO providers are able to use bots and software to manipulate traffic to your website. You instantly get a boost in traffic, this is great, but here’s the problem some of the people who view your website are completely outside the demographic of people who would want your services. So they are directed to your site but after a first look, they leave, because it doesn’t solve their problems. We provide targeted audience who are within the demographic of people in need of your services. This means that anyone who visits your website is likely to convert into a customer.

On-site Audit: An Effective Tool for Success

Cymax Media goes the extra mile by conducting an intensive website audit. This is done to highlight possible weaknesses, setbacks and issues with permalink structures. We keep business owners in the know on any recommendations or necessary implementations critical for business progress. This converts into business boom in no time. Every campaign is an assured success with the right design.

Approximately How Long Does it Take Tentatively to See Results?

Results vary with peculiarity of business and level of competition in the specific business industry. Timing can range from days to months. Some businesses are so alike that they offer the same products and they are in the same location and there is very little difference between these businesses. The Miami SEO industry can be tweaked to favor a certain business over the other but this would take time due to the number of competitive businesses in that field. Key word competitiveness and exclusivity is what works for every SEO strategy. In some cases the timing can be quite short and business picks up almost immediately, this also depends on business type.

Cymax Media Makes All the Difference

The difference with working with us is clear. We have the most skilled experts in the field, a highly dynamic group of diverse professionals, well seasoned with the culture of excellence and the intuitive capacity to break new grounds. With 20 years of experience in the field of SEO we have left a glowing trail of success stories which have taken our services to higher heights. We have worked with hundreds of clients whose businesses are diverse and lacking, we have delivered on every consult. We stay ahead of the industries changes such as technology and trends, these analytics enable us give the best recommendations. Contact us now for a free consultation by calling us at (720)202 – 1645. Our team of trained experts is waiting to welcome and assist you on the best move for your business.

What is the procedure for improving Rankings?

We always stress that all businesses are not the same and therefore do not have equal needs. Every business SEO strategy is tailored to suit the needs of specific businesses. However, here are key elements of a very successful campaign;

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Professional content copy
  • Local Citation Cleanups and Audits
  • Competition Gap Analysis
  • Accurate Traffic Analytics integration
  • Thorough Backlink Investigation
  • On-site Optimization Audits and Corrections
  • Off-site Optimization and Content Promotion
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with A and B testing

The elements of campaigns are chosen based on need. After an intensive website audit we observe statistics on industry to determine what strategies are essential to give your business the publicity that you need.

Our Tested & Trusted Processes


  1. We Discover

During this period we take a bird’s eye view of your company’s website. We check for loop holes, inadequacies and weaknesses that might hinder progress. This process is set to throw light on dark unvisited areas that need tweaking. The best way to solve any problem is to first discover the problem.

  1. We Strategize

Our strategy is to create a lockdown design that is well suited to your business type. Find out what works best for your business and lay out all the foundations that can hold the design. This begins with your business website; we compile a list of urgent changes that would set your business of a progressive track. These changes may involve your website content, Titles, URL structure, and Meta Data. All these factors contribute to adequate website ranking.

  1. We Execute

This is the final phase of the process. We bring all arsenals to the table using various forms of data analysis, research and evaluation of strategies. During this process we would send you monthly feedbacks on progress made on strategies. We will continue to tweaks and monitor improvements until our goal is permanent. We will always be available to answer all questions from you during this time. Give us a call today and let’s help you turn you business into a profitable venture!

Turbocharge Your Busniess

We want to hear about your goals for your business or any other details you’d like to share. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at 720 202 1645 if you’d rather speak on the phone.

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