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Digital Marketing

Cymax Media’s marketing team delivers solutions based on logical, identified goals for you
and your business. We assess your needs to create a strategy designed to help your brand grow.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising campaigns, page design, content curation

Today everybody is on some of social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, everybody is on something. Even the President of the United States uses Twitter to connect with his audience as well. On such sites, the content you share matters the most. Media content related to your business is usually a great idea. But formatting and marketing these posts in a way that they become viral is something only a skilled social media marketing company can do.

Our team at Cymax Media can help you make the most of Social Media by sharing the best content and engaging the right social media influencers to get the word out.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Reach the inbox of your customers

Marketing via emails is like the modern-day equivalent of someone slipping a brochure or pamphlet under your door.  Though it may have lower conversion rates (number of people who actually act on the advertisements), the trick is to reach a vast number of people without having your mail thrown into the spam folder by the email service provider.

Our talented email marketing agents will craft your email in such a way that the customer can’t resist opening your mail. We will also be able to target  your audience for your product or service, result in a higher conversion rate.

“I began working with Cymax Media in 2013 to re-build our company website and help with our online presence. My experience working with Daniel has been an amazing one! I have worked with him on several projects. He not only gave me the direction I needed, but his recommendations made a definite impact on the quality of the final product. He continues to exceed my expectations! He is a pleasure to work with and is extremely efficient. I would recommend Cymax Media to any company large or small.”


Marketing Intelligence &
Digital Consultancy

  • Competitive Analysis: Using a variety of data to gather insights to your competition, Cymax Media will look at a host of factors from our research and deliver actionable insights.
  • Statistical Analysis: We understand that you need solid statistics that give you a complete grasp on your marketing success. That’s why we offer custom reporting.
  • Continued Improvement: By regularly monitoring and measuring progress and fine tuning our strategies, we can continually make improvement throughout your project’s lifecycle.
  • ROI Focused: Evaluating the potential of every thing we do and selecting which elements will be the most beneficial for your company helps boost your ROI (Return on Investment) for maximum profitability.
  • Strategic Planning: We understand importance of having a digital roadmap when it comes to your marketing plan. One of our certified marketing experts will talk personally with you about what interests will be the most dynamic in furthering your business goals.

Positioning Your Business for Success

Leverage our marketing knowledge to take your business to new heights.

Advent of Digital

There was once a time when people read newspapers and magazines, watched regular television and listened to the radio. But that time is far gone now. Only a bunch of people are used to these old forms of media. Thus, advertising on them isn’t as effective anymore. The internet is now what the whole world is shifting to. Thus, it makes sense for advertisers to go digital as well and focus on digital marketing.

As an executive of a company, you must be wondering why you should invest in something like this. The reason is very simple – everybody is on the internet and thus the possibilities are endless. The internet is the culmination of all the old forms of media that can be accessed through a single electronic device. TV shows, radio, magazines, and newspapers – all of these are accessible through the internet and thus the old forms of marketing are still possible in this digital realm. Let’s look at some of the key advantages of investing in digital marketing.

A Time-Saving Investment

As we mentioned in the beginning, most the advertising services nowadays require you to pay them monthly. As soon as you stop paying, the advertisement stops and so does traffic to your website. However, in the case of SEO, you only have to make the initial investment. His makes investing in SEO much more economical than going for other alternatives like sponsored advertisements.

SEO is not the only free source of driving traffic to your website. If you are smart enough and you have a well-devised plan, then you can share and spam social media sites. The link would drive a few people to your website, but that is a one-time thing. Every time you want people to visit your pages and website, you will have share vigorously to get the attention you wanted. IF you invest some initial time on the SEO ranking of your website, you would hardly need to do any social media marketing. People will come by their own volition.


In a way, digital marketing is almost free when compared to other forms of advertising. You have a million ways to advertise your business freely including blogs, emails, SEO, and social media. Some of these methods like online advertising may require you to invest a bit initially, but the sum is way lower than running an advertisement on national television or radio. An online banner on some website is much more economical and effective than putting up a billboard in some desolate area of town. If you hire a professional from Cymax Media, they will be able to strategize a more economic and effective digital marketing campaign for you.

Global Reach

The internet can be accessed by over a billion people in this world. That gives you a billion people in the market already. Offline methods of marketing are limited to a certain local area. It isn’t impossible to have a global reach using those forms of media. However, that would cost a hefty amount which small and medium businesses wouldn’t be able afford. A digital marketing expert will help you optimize your resources to reach a whole new market of people to increase the size of your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to modifying your content and website in such a way that search engines like Google can display it as a top result whenever anyone searches for something on the web. If you apply SEO to your website, this will improve the amount of traffic that is directed towards it. With an SEO expert from Cymax, your website will be the first result whenever someone tries to search for anything related to your business on the internet. Needless to say, this will help in an increase in revenue.

Increase in Sales

As time passes by, people keep getting lazier. Gone are the days when people went to a store to buy something they wanted or needed. Now everyone shops online. If you do the digital marketing bit properly and have a decent e-commerce website, people will automatically start buying more products from you which will lead to an increase in your online sales. Digital marketing will also lead to an improvement in your online presence which people will use to get information about your product. These people can then meet you in person and buy your product or service which increases your offline sales as well. A digital marketer from Cymax Media will be able to set up your e-commerce website and spread the word about it efficiently.

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