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Increase Visibility

More targeted traffic to your website translates to more business for you.

The number of people who visit websites by directly typing a URL in the address bar is very small. Gone are the days when people would keep an address book for all the websites they visited frequently. Thanks to search engines, one can now simply type what they are looking for and several hundred, if not thousand, web pages from which you can make your pick will appear. And this is where a major problem arises.

Few people go past the third page of search engine results. This means that if your website appears on the seventh page of the search results, your chances of getting a click become very small. What your business needs is to appear on the first page of search engine results. So how do you achieve this? Enter SEO.

“Our search engine rankings have improved greatly. I think they will be even better because we’re incorporating more capacity on the new [website]. Cymax Media is responsive, professional and easy to understand. They have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with!”


Stay Ahead of the Competition

More than just rankings, SEO is also about results.

SEO is an important tool when you are looking to stay ahead of the competition. It gives your website and your business an edge over businesses that do not have SEO. Take, for instance, a fast food restaurant. Assume that you are the one running this fast food restaurant. When a potential customer in the area goes to a search engine on their mobile phone, they may search using the words ‘fast food restaurant near me’.

If your website has been search engine optimized, it is likely to appear as the first item on the search engine results’ page

Mobile Search in Local Area

SEO is Replacing other Advertising Mediums in Seattle

Long gone are the days of putting an ad in the local business and becoming a prosperous company. The world has gone digital. Have you?

The Evolving SEO Landscape

With SEO, your content is structured with the user in mind. Cymax Media ask themselves what potential visitors to your website are looking for and the various search words they may enter into a search engine. Your content will then be structured so that your page ranks high and gets more clicks. Another advantage of emphasizing local SEO as opposed to regular SEO is that it gives your website better ranking for your local area. Search engines like Bing and Google normally give priority to local results. Investing resources carefully into your local search results means you are likely to rank higher in customers’ geographically oriented searches.

Constantly Changing Algorithms

Search engines frequently change the algorithms that they use to rank websites. This means that if your website ranks number one on a particular set of search words, there is no guarantee that it will appear at the same level one week from now.

Cymax Media is updated on all the regular updates that are happening in search engine algorithms and keep your website as up to date as possible. As a #1 ranked Colorado SEO company, we always know what it takes to put our clients on top.

Cost Effective

In marketing, there are inbound and outbound marketing strategies. In a nutshell, inbound marketing is better and more effective than outbound marketing. What’s more, inbound marketing costs less than outbound marketing that it’s a wonder why some businesses still use outbound marketing strategies.

Outbound marketing strategies include such things as cold calls, commercials and mail adverts. There are several reasons why these outbound strategies have very little success.

  • Very few people are likely to respond positively to a cold call.
  • Many hang up the moment they realize what it is!
  • 85% of TV viewers fast-forward through commercials or turn their attention elsewhere when they cannot fast forward.

SEO is a good example of inbound marketing. The advantage that SEO as an inbound marketing strategy has is that it has in mind potential visitors to your website. SEO already focuses on people who are looking for what you are offering. Should you get a hit via SEO, chances of converting this hit into a sale increase drastically. What’s more, it does not give a negative impression on potential customers that you are desperately seeking to close a sale or get a hit.

Content Optimization

When considering why your business needs local SEO, you need to understand that SEO is more than how the content is worded. The basic definition of SEO focuses on the structuring of the content in relation to what potential users type in search engines, good SEO is more than just this. Companies like Cymax Media focus on content structure as well as its appearance on the website.

Good content in a poorly designed website will not keep the traffic that visits your website. You need a website with a great outlay to retain the traffic and eventually convert it into sales.

Growth of Mobile Devices

On average, there are more Google searches via mobile devices than there are via PCs. And as more portable and wearable devices like smartwatches become more common, the gap between PC searches and searches via other devices is bound to become wider. This is why your business needs local SEO. Due to the increase in usage of mobile devices, local and proximity-based searches are going to become more and more common. You do not want to leave this niche at the risk of being taken up by your competitors.

Good Local SEO Improves Credibility

When some clients see a local result, they can quickly click on the reviews section to find out what it is that other people have to say about the website and the goods or services provided there. A study done by BrightLocal found that slightly more than 85% of consumers trust online reviews more than recommendations by friends.

Local SEO is no longer exclusively about rankings. Reviews are a major part of good SEO. This has one big positive advantage to your business and website. Despite paid ad results ranking above yours in search engine results, you are bound to get more hits and make more sales if you have a lot of good reviews on your website. Many visitors to a website normally click the local listing prior to going to the website so as to learn more. This normally directs the user to a page known as Google’s Knowledge Graph where there are prominent reviews.

SEO is Here to Stay

To many people, SEO is just a passing craze that will die away as abruptly as it started being common. These people view those who invest in SEO as incurring an unnecessary cost. Things are, however, changing rapidly. Increasingly more businesses are seeking SEO services for their websites. Soon, it will be the norm rather than the exception. Those businesses that ignore SEO will find their sales dwindling courtesy of their poor ranking in search engine results.

Few People Get News from Newspapers

The past couple of years have seen a steady decline in the number of people who access traditional advertising media. Some studies have established that some newspapers have lost over 80% of their readers in the past two decades. The reason behind this is that local readers are turning to alternative means of accessing the news as opposed to reading newspapers and watching television.
While this is not to say that a business should not invest in television and newspaper ads, less focus should be made on those two and more resources channeled towards local search engine optimization. More people are accessing their news on the internet using both PCs and mobile phones.

Many people hate SEO. They say that it is a dirty trick of tricking search engines for the benefit of website owners. Nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is about creating good content, know how the public wants to access this information (such as the words that they may use) and seeing to it that this content is as friendly to a search engine as it is to a human being.

SEO is the trend of the moment and it will be here for a long time to come. The internet is the number one source of information for young people and an increasing number of older people. Turning a blind eye to SEO will be tantamount to deciding that your business does not need people to who the internet is the primary source of information.

While investing in SEO is key, make sure that the SEO services you get are good. Optimize not only the wording of your content but also how it appears on your website to get more traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales.

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