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Running a business online requires a good measure of visibility to thrive in today’s world. The success of your business
depends of its level of accessibility and this in-turn depends on the quality of SEO strategies and advertising that has been put in place.

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The Role of SEO in Lead Generation

Search engine strategies to help your site display on the first page

Since its inception, the internet has played a key role in every facet of our lives. These roles include information source, entertainment, advertising, communication, education and all forms of businesses. The internet is extremely broad and this has made it a viable space for digital marketing.

SEO is quite simple to understand but requires some level of planning and skill to execute but it usually pays off when done right. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has three main benefits which are:

Organic Search Advantage

Tap into the market waiting to be mined

The SEO way takes a bit more time than the paid advertising in terms of visible results but the advantages of SEO far outweighs that of the paid ads especially for small and medium scale enterprises. SEO strategies simply focus on the content and structure of your marketing tools such as your websites, social media, blogs and the likes. It builds a concrete presence that enables your website to rise to the top on rankings.

SEO uses the complexities of Google search engine and its algorithms to build traffic to your website. SEO is cheaper than paid advertising and its result last longer, in the sense that you could take a break from SEO for a while and still return to find your website still generating leads. It is mostly recommended to businesses that are seeking cost effective options to put their website on the spotlight in order to boost sales.

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Is Your SEO Improving Your Leads?

The phone should be ringing with a well-optimized strategy

Have you been on an SEO plan and would like to know if your business is making progress or not? There are a few indicators to consider:

  • Is your business generating quality leads?
  • Is there adequate conversion in website traffic?
  • Is your revenue building over time?

Your business should get progress reports of quality and quantity traffic depending on how long it’s been running. There should be adequate conversion percentage – this means the amount of sales has to improve over time.

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Higher Rankings, More Leads

Building Sales With Increased Traffic

A well planned SEO strategy rewards your website with high visibility on Search Engine Result Pages. This leads to an exponential increase in traffic. The great thing with SEO is that traffic is usually targeted to reach the specific demographic of people who would likely be interested in your services.

Often time people confuse traffic for leads. Traffic and leads are distinct in that one can lead to the other but not vice versa. Quality traffic can generate leads and this leads to repeat businesses and customer loyalty, however this is only achievable with targeted, quality traffic and not just quantity.

The end result of a well executed SEO strategy is a boost in sales. This is witnessed after a varying period of time, depending on a number of factors such as level of competitiveness of industry and the likes.

How important are fresh website content in SEO?

New content is like fuel that keeps your engine going. It renews SEO and revalidates it. Imagine if you have two websites with great SEO strategies, both are competing for first place and are both equally matched. Google crawlers are equally smart and they know which website is updated more frequently with content. The most updated website is more likely to take the top spot.

Lead generation is important in every business as it keeps the business running. Most businesses make more money from their older customers than brand new customers; this is the power of managing leads effectively and ensuring that they become customers.

SEO is the best option when it comes to generating leads in today’s business but not everyone is familiar with how it really works. The results of SEO can be positive or negative. This had led to its classification into two sections called “constructive” and “destructive” SEO.

Paid Ads Vs SEO

When you search for any good of service on search engines, the result page displays various sponsored links at the top right side of the Google page; these are paid adverts for websites that pay for their traffic. This form of advert is called cost-per-Click advertising. This method is very effective, and puts you right on the very top of the page, people can see your business right on the very first page and you would generate a lot of leads in very little time, however, the only issue with paid Online Advertising is that you would have to invest quite a sum in them. They are highly competitive since there are thousands of websites out there, also seeking for a spot on the top page. The space would go to the highest bidder of course, which means spending a ton of cash. It is expensive and requires monthly payment renewals as well. This means you would have to make sure you earn enough on your business to sustain this form of lead generation. Some other forms of paid advertising are paying for advert banners on popular websites. How does this help? Simple! There are websites that already have a large traffic statistic daily and paying for a banner on these websites would enable visitors to see your advert in form of a link. People who have need for your services can simply follow the link to your webpage. This is usually very effective depending on how much traffic the host website gets and how relevant your services are to host website. the issue with paid advert is that you pay for traffic and this is continuous so every month you need to have a budget set aside for advert, once you stop payments, your banner is taken out and replaced. This means that the traffic to your website drops almost immediately. Secondly this means that the success of your website is tied to the success of host’s website. This may not be ideal for small and medium businesses; however, large companies can adopt this method as they have more financial capacity and would need the highest level of publicity possible, at the shortest time too.

Keyword Strategy

With the right strategies you can generate viable leads for you business no matter the level of competitiveness in your market niche.

This is quite simple but requires a lot of research. You need to have in-depth knowledge on customers’ needs and goals; think like a customer. What are the possible objectives of people who would likely become customers; human behavioral pattern. These would enable you select the most viable keywords for your business. Keywords are the foundational structures of SEO and care should be taken when selecting keywords in order not to be lost at sea.

To select valuable keywords you need to do these;

  • When choosing keywords, use online apps to check for keywords with the highest search volume
  • Opt for keywords that have low competition, this would give yours a bit more peculiarity.
  • Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your business.

Positive Vs Negative SEO

Constructive SEO

This is made up of quality content with competitive keyword alignments. It also feeds into your URL structure, Meta Data, and every other parts of your website. It links every page in your website and gives you an edge in Google search engine. SEO isn’t just about the keywords alone, it’s also about content. Don’t be boring! Creativity is what drives organic traffic. You cannot pull a large audience with regular content. All these combine to give you a well constructed SEO plan.

Destructive SEO

These are a set of techniques that are unethical, and are likely to get you into trouble. In the bid to get your numbers up, you may be tempted to use companies that give swift SEO results. These companies use software, bots and other techniques to raise your traffic but this will get you penalized by Google when caught. People are not aware of these techniques this is why you must get adequate information from a company you want to entrust with your SEO strategies. Some of their backdoor techniques include;

  • Creating fake links to your website which would not be helpful
  • Hawking identical content on various websites; we all know this is illegal and will not improve ranking
  • Hacking into a competitor’s webpage to manipulate structures

There are tons of other unsafe and illegal techniques being used today. This is why you must go for a company with experience, skill and are highly professional such as Denver’s Cymax Media.

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