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How Does SEO Affect the Success of a Business?

Every business, be it online or offline, comes with a plan. The most important part of starting a business is the growth aspect. This is the part that has to do with sales and expansion. In order for your company to get to that level of success that you desire, there has to be a concrete plan.


Customers can easily find you by searching for products that you provide. There are thousands of websites of the internet that offer similar services. The competition is quite high; this is why you would need the perfect Jacksonville SEO firm that understands the market dynamics. We excel in this part field and we know what it takes to put you on Google’s radar.


Traffic is the term used to refer to the number of visits to your website. When traffic is high then this implies your website is visited very often by people from various parts of the world. A high traffic is necessary for every business as this means your external marketing strategies are very effective and you are catching the curiosity of lots of potential customers.


Sales automatically bloom! The right SEO marketing strategy gets you more conversions which lead to more income. New customer relationships built every day – this is the aspiration of every business. We help you to push your business to the zenith.

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How We Help Websites Online

  • Site speed and performance

  • Content creation and marketing

  • Permalink check

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • On and off site analysis and optimization

  • Menu structure

  • Interlinking and duplicate content correction

“Our search engine rankings have improved greatly. I think they will be even better because we’re incorporating more capacity on the new [website]. Cymax Media is responsive, professional and easy to understand. They have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with!”


Experts in SEO You Can Trust

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  • 20 + Years Experience Ranking Websites in Organic Search

  • High ROI with the best online source of customer traffic

The Best SEO Services in Jacksonville

As a smart entrepreneur you have probably covered the bit about creating awareness, social media pages and a business website. You are aware that its takes a good amount of publicity to drive sales, all you need now are the right Jacksonville SEO tactics. What does this offer you?

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization 101

Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing and others. They have played very important roles for research and other forms of activities…. So when we add the word “optimization” it should still ring a bell but with a different flavor. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique or strategy applied in order for a set of data to be easily accessible on the internet, through search engines. In simpler terms it implies that if I apply the SEO strategy on my personal website, it makes it easier for people who need my services to find me online this is the concept behind this trend. It is applied to businesses of all sorts and sizes to gain competitive advantage and to increase sales.

These all combine to make the Google territory a tough land to dwell on, this is why you would need an experienced guide who would take the duty of handling technicalities which would allow you focus more on operational details. We are skilled in navigating the Google landscape and we are poised to give your business maximum publicity that would boost revenue. We offer these services in the most efficient way to ensure that your business website is easily found by potential customers.

Cracking the Google Search Engine Code is Tricky!

Google is the ultimate search engine of our time! It is widely used for its versatility and inexhaustible data base. For your business to find its way to the first page of a Search engine result page you must be very knowledgeable about the way Google works. Google uses hundreds of advanced algorithms and factors to rank websites. Google now shows more priority to websites that use responsive technology such as mobile friendly websites. This is a warning that websites that do not change with the trend would soon find themselves obsolete and inaccessible. Some factors that are important for high ranking in Google search engine is

  • Algorithm onsite- the connection between words and the content specification on every page
  • Algorithm offsite – quality links from popular websites
  • Meta tags – web page description which is picked up by search engine bots and crawlers
  • Page content and structure – this has to do with the quality of your content, originality and build.
  • URL structure – the uniqueness and optimization of your domain main also counts

These are the major factors – however there are literally hundreds of other factors such as location of keywords, hyperlinks, click through, and an inexhaustible number of others.

SEO is Increasingly Popular in Jacksonville

It is undeniable that we are in the golden age of technology. This is evident from the continuous declining in the interest in traditional means of media and advertising such as newspapers and magazines. Most businesses and brands are on the lookout for companies that can meet their needs in terms of a good online marketing strategy. News, entertainment and all forms of information has gone mobile. People no longer have to sit in front of a TV to be entertained or even pick up a magazine. We have YouTube, social media platform and all other forms of highly entertaining and informative platforms. This is the age of digital marketing; businesses are seizing the opportunity in order to gain market shares. This is your chance to do the same!

The Problem with Search Marketing

Like every perfect machine, the problem is always in the handling. Many companies today offer SEO services and claim to give immediate results. These companies use unethical tactics which are banned by Google to boost traffic and ranking. They use software, bots and illegal content manipulation which do give quick results but these are temporary and will get you penalized by Google. This would be a dent on brand image and would greatly affect business.

Getting Traffic can Be a Pain!

Most people assume that all traffic to your website is good traffic… is it really? Let’s use an illustration to further explain this;
You are an entrepreneur who owns an eCommerce store that sells baby wears and baby accessories. This is a great product and should sell. You also have a large traffic to your website on daily basis but no sales! But why aren’t people buying? Then after an audit it is realized that your audience were mostly men and teenage girls. You are reaching a large number of people with your posts but you are reaching the wrong demographic of people and that’s why there are no sales. This is the difference between quality and quantity in traffic. Quality traffic targets the specific type of customers that would convert to sales. We focus on finding you the right demographic that allows your business to thrive and convert to multiple sales.

The Reason You Need an On-Site Audit

In addition to our standard Jacksonville SEO services we go beyond the line to serve you better. On-site technical audits are a part of our services which allows us to take a bird’s eye view of your business website. This allows us highlight weaknesses and strengths. We then make recommendations from our finding and this feeds into what becomes a complete strategy provided by trustworthy SEO professionals.

How long does SEO take before progress can be identified?

SEO is not spontaneous. Its time of fruition varies with the business type or niche. Some businesses are highly competitive while some aren’t so much so. There are very important foundations that must be laid during every SEO strategy and these lead to a long lasting result. A good SEO marketing campaign can take between hours to months. We take our time to research and provide the most competitive keywords and tactics that would ensure that your business is highly prioritized on every search engine.

Cymax Media is the Best for SEO

It is no surprise that Cymax media has earned its name in the business world as one of the leading SEO agencies in the market, with a ton of client data base to prove it. With over 20 years of experience we continue to prove our worth and to advance in our methodologies. We stay abreast of current trends that would enable us serve our customers better. Our sole purpose and vision is to make every business highly profitable by improving visibility, traffic and overall perception of the brand. You can give us a call for a free consultation session at (720) 202- 1645. We are waiting to give you the very best advice, tailored to your business.

What are the Components of an SEO Campaign?

  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • Thorough Back link Investigation
  • Professional Content Copy
  • Competition Gap Analysis
  • Local Citation Cleanups and Audits
  • Offsite Optimization and Content Promotion
  • Onsite Optimization Audits and Corrections
  • Accurate Traffic Analytics Integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with A and B Testing

The application of these strategies depends on the nature of the business and the degree of competition which usually varies from one niche to another. However the class of business and type, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your business gets the priority it deserves.

Our Methodology

  1. Discovery

We do a thorough audit through your business website, sieving through piles of information and gathering data that would feed into the planning of a blue print on how best to launch a successful SEO campaign for your website in order to achieve maximum results.

  1. Strategy

We make a list of phases and elements to include in the campaign. This is where we assert importance on certain key elements on your website that stand out as weaknesses and replace them with a counter strategy.

  1. Execution

This is the action phase where we put all research and tactics at work with constant monitoring and upgrade. We keep our clients informed every step of the way with monthly progress reports.

Give us a call today and let’s help you grow your business. The world is becoming digital with every step; give your business an edge with the best Jacksonville SEO!

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