It can take incredible effort and time to build up an established position on the search engines. This can make people shuffle around in their seats when they think about an overhaul on their website. Their worst fear is to have a brand new, beautiful website that is now lost in cyberspace because its rankings have been trashed. Can this happen? Yes, and it is entirely likely to happen if you don’t know what you are doing. Is it inevitable? No. So don’t be afraid to get a new look, because a good website design company will not let this happen.

A Few Steps We Will Take to Prevent SEO Rank Loss:

In event of a redesign, Cymax Media will look into your target market. What are people typing in to get to your website? Which are your most important pages?

If some pages in your old site are not going to be included in your new site, there are a couple of options for you that will affect how we focus our SEO.  If the page is very important to your rankings and its content is going to be merged onto another page, we may redirect it to a similar page to tell Google, “Hey, this page has moved.” If the page is totally not relevant anymore, we will let it return a 4o4 to tell Google, “Hey, this page is gone. Don’t worry about it anymore.” Know which pages are important to you; don’t just totally restructure your site without being prepared to undergo major changes on the SERPs. To take a 30 page site down to 3 pages is going to affect your positioning no matter what steps we take as the webmaster. On the other hand, kicking off a page or two that isn’t doing much for your traffic won’t hurt anything – and can even help boost your overall content quality when you are merging pages.

For the pages you do want to keep, we will handle the implementing of proper 301 redirects to tell Google, “Hey, this page has moved! You can now find it here.” As long as your content does not change (which is totally your choice whether it does or not), we can help maintain that page rank.

Saving Rank, or Gaining it?

Did you know that redesigning your website can actually BOOST your SEO? Don’t be discouraged – you will be amazed at how an updated site can garner even more traffic than before!