“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
Ansel Adams

Simply put…Photography can make or break your marketing efforts.
Great photography has the almost magical ability to convey a sense of emotion which is what great marketing hinges on. You first have to grab attention – and online – that is with imagery. Cutting corners on photography for your website or other marketing materials can be harmful to your business. A professional photographer can make simple things look incredible and capture valuable shots of your team, your products and/or your facility that are far above any shots most people try to take with their smart phones or personal cameras.

Photography has always had two parts – the technical side and the creative side. Both are absolutely necessary sides of the same coin which can take hard work to hone and polish. In the past there were vast of chemicals and dark rooms to deal with. Today, there’s a small army of advanced technology and software that are the most common elements on the technological side. However, the creative side is every bit as important and can be an elusive bird to catch. Just buying the latest camera technology does not guarantee good photos.  Photography is huge and expanding thanks to the world of smart phones and Facebook. It is estimated that users of Facebook upload 350 million new photos each day.

In the digital marketing world we live and work in we handle and view hundreds of photos everyday. We also shoot provide photographic services and on-site location shoots for corporate photography, all in an effort to help our clients make a powerful impact through their website and other marketing materials.

A pictures says a thousand words
The old saying…”A pictures says a thousand words”  is largely credited  an article by an American marketing professional –  Fred R. Barnard in the advertising trade journal Printers’ Ink,  promoting the use of images in advertisements that appeared on the sides of streetcars during the 1900’s. That time worn saying still holds today – especially in the realm of digital and online marketing. Great imagery will burn itself into the minds of your customers and clients – helping link the emotional qualities of the photo to your product or company.

If you’re building a website or creating a new brochure or launching a new digital marketing campaign we recommend that you hire a professional photographer or video grapher and step up your marketing game. Contact Cymax Media for web design in Colorado. We would be glad to discuss your next corporate website or marketing project and how we could help you!

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