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Maintained Web Hosting, Peace of Mind

We’ll take care of the hassle of hosting your site so you can sit back and relax

You can focus on what you do best and let us take care of the details. We offer a wide range of web hosting options, from small starter business packages to powerful large enterprise plans for heavy-traffic sites. And all of our hosting plans come with the following benefits:

  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 300% Powered by Renewable Energy
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Local RAID 10 SSD Storage Array’s for the fastest storage
  • CSF Firewall, LFD, Mod Security

Powering Your Site with State of the Art Website Hosting Technology

Whether you need dedicated servers or shared space, we have a tailored solution for your site

To be successful, your site needs to have high availability and low downtime. If visitors to your website experience outages, your conversion rates will suffer. Our cloud servers ensure your website loads faster and stays online constantly.

Our hosting service gives clients an all-in-one option for the development and maintenance of their website. And with our daily backups, you can rest at ease knowing you’re covered in the event of a disaster.

“Cymax has been a pivotal part of growing our business through our web page. They designed a up to date, current looking, easy to navigate web page. Overall we would highly recommend Cymax. There customer service is second to none. Always prompt in responding, always available, keeps up on the latest technology and constantly monitors our site for security.”

Maintaining Your Website’s Hosting into the Future

Our web maintenance option puts updates and security on autopilot

To ensure your site stays at peak performance, Cymax Media offers our optional website maintenance service where we perform regular updates, software patches  to your WordPress sites plus provide malware security scans to the underlying code of the website as exploits become known, which helps secure the site from vulnerabilities to hacking attempts. We’re here to not only build your website but help it stay bug-free and keep things running smoothly.

We can monitor your website 24/7 and will always be there to help with feature requests and larger improvements if needed. If you are looking to perform continual improvements to an existing site or just want someone to keep a close eye on things, we can help. Don’t lose customers from a broken website.

How We Help With Web Hosting & Maintenance

Outsourcing Website Maintenance

Web hosting and management refers to the service that hoists your website onto the internet, where it is made public and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. The first step to getting your website on the internet is choosing a web hosting plan that best suits your business. The web hosting plan varies, depending on the size of your business. A shared hosting is best for Small and medium scale businesses which neither requires a large space nor stores lots of data for its operations. A shared hosting is a distribution of server space; this enables small businesses to buy a cheap hosting from vendors.

Large businesses that run extensive websites would need more space and better network; this can be achieved with the Virtual private servers and the dedicated hosting. These two kinds of hosting can accommodate any business, no matter the size and intricacy. The major difference with the virtual private servers and the dedicated hosting is that the VPS is hosted remotely from another location, this means that the hosting is virtual and you do not need to worry about a suitable facility to store the hardware unlike the dedicated server which comes with a full heavy duty hardware which requires a well controlled environment where it can be managed from. Owning a dedicated server makes you a landlord of your own, it gives you complete control on how to run your business website.

Choosing the Right Website Hosting Plan

There are a ton of web hosting service providers with various enticing offers. Here are services that web hosting companies provide:

  • Server space
  • Software and hardware management in some cases
  • Server maintenance and upgrade
  • Troubleshooting
  • Managing data centers to ensure smooth operations
  • Installation and monitoring of security system
  • Frequent website backups to prevent loss of data
  • A round-the-clock alertness and monitoring to prevent downtime.

Purchasing a hosting plan that is fully managed by vendors gives the business owner more time to focus on business, you don’t have to worry about the efficiency or performance of your server as it is being managed by professionals. However, a dedicated hosting plan comes with your own personal server and this makes you self dependent, you determine how your servers are used and you manage your facility yourself. Dedicated servers are usually owned by very large corporations which are highly competitive and take the security of their data very seriously. It’s a difficult plan to maintain due to its high financial implications but completely worth it.

Website Hosting Plans that Empower Business Owners

There is so much ambiguity on the topic of web hosting and website maintenance, some people are of the opinion that they are one and the same while others see them as completely different concept of services which are worlds apart. In order to truly understand the connection between the two entities we must define them separately and outline the elements. This would also enable business owner to understand why it’s probably a good idea to outsource web hosting and website maintenance.

This is strictly related with the structure and design of your business website which is being hosted on the internet. This segment has absolutely nothing to do with the server subscription, rather it involves the management of content, website design and development which could be done by coding or by the use of templates, then website enhancements and updates such as the integration of plug-ins which conduct all forms of operational activities, as well as website optimization for better ranking in search engines such as Google and the like.

Hands-Free Maintenance Services

Designing your own website or purchasing a website from a developer may seem cost effective but there is a wider picture to it. You would have to worry about installing security software, hassling with codes and website structures, constantly updating your website content and optimizing your site with all the elements of SEO to ensure that your website maintains visibility. On the long run you may discover that it’s probably a great idea to go for a professional hosting and website maintenance service provider with the necessary skill and experience to give your business and brand the necessary foundation for success such as Denver’s Cymax Media.

You can find out everything you need to know about web hosting, website maintenance and its benefits for your business by reaching us for a free consultation at 303-681-2020. We are Cymax Media! We are here to serve you.

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