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Artful Graphic Design

There’s nothing we love better than unleashing our creativity. With a passion for attractive graphics,
Cymax Media’s strong visuals flawlessly integrate with print and web media alike.

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Graphic Design for Business Cards

Get noticed and be remembered

A business card is one of your first marketing impressions. They make your name tangible, working for you from any location to keep your company in mind. A seemingly little thing, a business card can have a big impact when artfully designed.

We create memorable business cards designed to capture the essence of your brand.

If anyone has ever told you that looks don’t matter, then they are wrong. Well, at least when it comes to sharing information digitally (or on paper). Nowadays, whenever anyone receives even the smallest bit of information through mail or the internet, they first see how well the content was presented. So, it is very important to design your content properly and to have the right graphics present along with it. This is where Graphic Design comes in.

But, how can a graphic designer help? They can help you design everything from business cards and brochures to websites and icons. They can help in both – printed and digital media, after all, printed media is created digitally. Here is a list of things that requires graphic designing and how hiring a professional designer benefits you in such cases.

Indelible Print Design

We want to empower, to make digital work for you

All designs should translate smoothly across different platforms, creating a crisp, clean impression that effectively and professionally conveys your message.

Our digital artists are well versed in leading graphics programs and graphic art of many varieties. Trained in designing imagery that resonates with your customers, we will create visually appealing, fully functional iconography that directly reflects your business’s central theme.

While designing brochures, the customer should always be kept in mind. Different kinds of brochures require different kinds of graphics. Sometimes, the brochures come in different shapes and sizes and thus, the graphics will need to be created according to that. We at Cymax media can help you create graphics for your brochure and shape it as well. Our professionals will ensure that your customers can get as much information as possible in a pocket-sized brochure. We can guarantee you that your brochures will be one of a kind, catered to your needs and perfect for your audience.

A flyer is a lot like a brochure. However, it is much more formal and usually has details on a rectangular sheet with a single side (or both sides) printed. This limits the creativity that can be applied to a flyer. You can highlight your details using special shapes or fonts in a flyer. You could also organize the information in a grid. Another great tip would be to use icons related to the content. You can possibly manage this all on your own. However, hiring a graphic designer from Cymax will help you choose the correct proportions for the grids, create the correct icons, and even select the correct color combination. We know how to properly get your information across to people while making it attractive at the same time.

One of the most eye-catching ways of advertisement is putting a huge one near highways or other roads. However, since people often zoom past these billboards, they need to be eye-catching and concise. While making a billboard, one needs to look at several factors including the color contrast, graphics used, the location of the billboard and many others. However, one of the most common mistakes made is the amount of information displayed – it is either too much or too less. When it comes to billboards, simplicity is the key. Our graphic design technicians can make a billboard with the exact amount of information and their billboards truly do speak louder than words.

As we mentioned before, graphic design is important in every little thing in life. The above-mentioned items are just a few locations where a graphic designer plays an important role. They can also be hired for working on a website for web design or even designing a whole user interface for an application or software. Our talented team of graphic designers at Cymax Media can help you design everything on the list above and many more things. Now that you know how we can help you out, do you need any new graphics designed for you? Then contact us now!

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