Putting hard work into your body isn’t easy but its keeps you in shape. Just like your body, your website needs to be taken care of and kept in top shape. Keeping your website in shape makes smart business sense too. That’s because your website is often your most effective, valuable and affordable marketing vehicle a business has…reaching your customers 24/7. It is often the first thing that influences new customers. Think of it as the face of your business.

Web design Looks matters…performance matters…technology matters.

Whether its fair or not, if your competitors have a sharper looking and performing website you’re losing leads and business to them. In the long run, its about the quality and value of your products and services that matters. In the short run, its about the quality of your marketing. If your website is old and dated, if it doesn’t perform well on smart phones, or if it looks like it was built using a low budget DIY solution by your cousin in high school…you’re going to lose out online to superior built websites. When its time to get a modern website, built by a professional web developer we invite you to call Cymax Media. 1-303-681-2020

But with only so much time in the day and with all the challenges businesses confront everyday its easy to see why so many websites go neglected. Constantly technology, Google Algorithms, social media, digital marketing trends and changing market factors making it all too easy to lose ground (and business) to competitors.

But DIY Websites are so Cheap!

Yes, you can get a dirt cheap website from any number of companies…Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy, you name it. Pay you bill, push a few buttons and there’s your instant DIY “canned” website. Can we share just a one tip from a web company that builds websites and does SEO for a living? Those are DIY website makers are junk.

When we do SEO for our clients, do you know how many of those sites show up on the first page of Google? NONE.

Did you know that Godaddy does NOT allow Google Analytics to operate with their junk? They cut that service off years ago.

Those DIY companies don’t care about your company or your success. To them its a “volume” game.

But when you hire a web professional  (like us) you’ll get a website that will be built by someone who takes pride in their work…a website that can compete and can be fine-tuned to meet your needs. Do you know how many clients we get leaving those DIY sites? Lots. They all bring a similar story…we never got any leads with our DIY site. Zero leads means a waste of time and money. As important as your website is to your business, you should do it right.

At Cymax Media put the hard work into your website that it needs to stay healthy, compete and motivate. With over 17 years of experience building websites and providing marketing consulting we know a thing or two about how to get your website (and other marketing components) into top shape.

We  enjoy helping our client’s grow and thrive. We invite you call us for website design, SEO, digital marketing, logos, brochures or creative video production services!

Its time to “Shape Up!”

You’re the expert at what you do. When you’re ready to get a website that will help you compete more effectively online we recommend that you hire professional website and digital marketing experts that have the experience and talent to whip your website into shape!

Get in touch. We’ll give you a FREE consultation on how we can help your business reach new heights!

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