A Free Website Design Comes at a Cost.

Maybe watching that beautiful evening sunset is a pleasure money never could buy, but are the best things in business really free?

There is a phenomenon sweeping the world of technology and drawing in millions. You hear the ads on the radio and see them splattered all over random places on the internet. “Get your free website design when you go with such-and-such brand! Over 50 templates to choose from for no charge!” You’ve always wanted a website, but maybe never budgeted for it. “Hey,” you think, “It’d be downright silly to turn down this deal!” But before you join the ranks of the multitudes in following after the cheap rout, you should know what you’re really going to get once you arrive at your destination and why free websites are bad for your business.

The Expense of Quality

While some can be impressive at first glance, further examination reveals the truth: a free website is no more than a cookie-cutter container churned out by a mega-corporation to hold your images and text. It offers no more than closet shelves do to hold your shoes, and just as much visibility (we’ll get to that later). The space is limited, meaning that you are forced to keep things short. When it comes to design, you really don’t have as much say as you want. You must pick one template, then stick with it. There is no customizing, no branding anything with your unique look. Its quality just can’t measure up to the quality afforded by going with a trustworthy company that cares about the details of design and giving you something reliable.

The Expense of Ownership

Basically… you get what you get. And you don’t really get anything when you don’t own the website. You can’t actually say, “I own this website” because you don’t. You are renting it from the owner. That means it can be taken from you at any time without notice, and POOF! Content, pictures, hours of time poured into it… gone, never to return. At any time, the real owners of the website could decide to charge you, and now the bill of your so-called free website is adding up more than you thought it would.

The Expense of Support

And then you get into the technical side of things. What happens when your website has an issue and you need to get it fixed? Unless you have experience with computer programming, you are up a creek without a paddle. Support, if there even is support, is pretty much nonexistent. As a result, it is not a far-fetched scenario to have you wasting hours – maybe even days – of your life trying to fix the problem. This, in turn, eats in to your profit margin as you cannot focus on furthering your business.

The Expense of Disappointed Visitors

There is a poor visitor experience when it comes to landing on your free website. Aside from the annoying advertisements instantly bombarding them, navigation is often clumsy and the overall impression is one of… amateurism. You don’t look like a serious business when your domain name is something like freewebsite.yourwebsite.com. And a poor visitor experience equals a high bounce rate, and a high bounce rate equals a low profit margin coming from your website… if any. Who wants to buy something from a company that could be a shady “hit-‘n-run?” After all, they don’t seem established. Most people are not blind and can sense “cheap.”

The Expense of Low Page-Rank

When you own your domain name, search engines recognize your instant credibility. Buy search engines like Google have a low view of free websites because there is no trust factor. What happens as a result of this? You are virtually buried in search results. This means that your website is not doing anything to help you and is actually prohibiting people from finding you on the web, the only reason you have a website in the first place.

Why Go with a Paid Website Designer?

Marketing 101: when you pay someone for a service, there is automatic incentive for each party to hold up its end of the deal. Money establishes trust and helps to ensure quality and commitment. When you have a concern about your website or something isn’t working the way you want it to, the supportive, knowledgeable computer programmers at Cymax Media are there to help you and get to the bottom of the situation so you can go about your day. Just the peace of mind alone is worth owning your website, knowing that no one can take it from you. You can have an incredible design from a company that provides incredible custom graphic design services and brand your website with your unique look. Not only that, but your website is search engine optimization-friendly – ensuring that you can really get found online and catch more leads.

The bottom line is, you truly do get what you pay for. Don’t waste your time with a free website – do things the right way the first time. Remember that your website is an investment, and the very definition of an investment means that you will need to sow in order to reap. Taking shortcuts can make you wind up in a place you wished you’d never gotten, so make the smart choice. Make the initial investment so you can have long-term gain.