Assessment… Rejuvenation…Reinvention

Whether you make wedding cakes, watercolors, widgets or websites…the start of the new year is a great opportunity to do some self (and business) assessment and evaluation. Its a time of reflection and renewal. A time to evaluate and recalibrate. What went right? What could have been done better? Because humans are imperfect, there’s always room for improvement both in our business and personal life.

One of my father’s favorite sayings is: “you are what you help others become.

As part of this year’s assessment and recalibration effort, consider going back to some basics such as: helping others, being kind, patient and more forgiving.

We want our clients and people we meet to more kind, helpful, giving and forgiving to us. So we should make an effort to do the same for others.

We all make mistakes. We all have bad days. As we look back at last year, its not too hard to see that time flies like a hurricane.

Life can be short. Be nice. Be helpful.

Whether you’re a CEO or sweeping the floors try putting out a little more kindness, helpfulness and forgiveness into the people you work with or meet on the street – its a worthwhile effort.

Make somebody’s day better by delivering superior quality products and services at a good value should be an integral part of this formula too. Lets work hard to recalibrate, grow and be successful, but as we reinvent ourselves (and our businesses) try seeing how helping others¬† can help ourselves and everyone around us.

Happy New Year!