Drone Photography for Wireless Towers and Construction

Drone photography is a game changer for marketing and communicating the scope of a large or complex building and construction project. We are so used to seeing a building project from the ground, that seeing photos taken from a “birds-eye” perspective is simply more attention getting and impactful.

For several years, Cymax Media has been busy shooting hi-resolution drone photos for clients in a variety of locations including: Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Colorado. One of our clients builds wireless communication towers which are located in very remote places…from an uninhabited island off the coast of Juneau, Alaska to an isolated mountain top outside Bozeman, Montana. We were able to capture shots that became centerpieces to their website, brochures and other marketing pieces. (The shot at the top of this page was shot in the middle of Idaho at sunset.)

Builders and construction companies also have discovered that cinematic drone photos of their projects can not only capture the building process but convey the size and scope of the entire project – whether its a large building, shopping center or and entire group of buildings. Either way, great drone photos are powerful communications tools for prospective customers/clients and marketing materials. Drone photography can even provide valuable insight into technical or maintenance issues that can be more safely reviewed on the ground rather than climbing a 200 ft. tower.

Cymax Media has an in-house, certified FAA drone pilot who has the knowledge necessary to fly a drone AND is a true artist and expert in photography.