The thought of building new website can be intimidating, but with mobile technology changing the way the web is viewed it is critical to have a website that performs well across all types of devices. Fortunately, Cymax Media is a company you can trust to guide you smoothly through the process so you can relax. Building an amazing website for your business has never been so easy now that Cymax Media can help!

There are a few simple steps we will go through to get your site rolling. Those are:

1) Plan for the website.

Your Budget
Figure out what’s your budget range for your website. As with most things in life – “you get what you pay for” and “it takes money to make money.” A cheap website from a mega-company (like Godaddy) is cheap for a reason.  If you have a serious company, you’ll lose serious money with a cheap website. In fact, we’ve had many clients pay for a cheap site only to turn around and pay us to build a quality website. So the low-dollar site turns out to be more expensive!  Paying for two websites is definitely not a good deal.  Trust a company who has been building websites for 14+ years and has amazing recommendations… like Cymax Media!

Your Domain Name
Your first expense will be buying a domain name. Domain names cost about $10 a year. If you already have a domain name, make sure you completely own that current domain name. The domain name is the location where your website can be found once it is launched – aka, If you aren’t sure if you have the rights to your current domain name, contact your web host.

Your Sitemap
Next, decide on  your website outline (or Sitemap). Create an outline of your webpages that you need. If you already have a website, perhaps you have 90% of this completed. You can talk to us! We can help you with that and help you plan based on your budget and features you might need for your website. Will you want some kind of animation on the home page, contact forms, or other special technology? Maybe you want to integrate video or a Prezi presentation. Knowing what kind of a website you want can really help to determine what features you will need. For example, an eCommerce website will require different features than a regular database-driven website.

Try to figure out about how many pages you will want on your website and sketch out a rough map of those pages. You will need to supply the content for your website. Content is very important to visitors and even search engines. It lets them know what you are all about. Please let us know if your content is located on your old site or if you will need to send it to us via email.

Do you have a certain look for your website in mind? Consider choosing  some colors you want to “flavor” your website with. But if you don’t have anything in mind, the input and design skills of our expert technical artists are at your disposal. Photos are also a big part of the design of your website. They intrigue viewers and also enhance the overall look of your website. Do you have a collection of photos for your website or would you prefer to purchase stock photos to use instead? Remember to factor photos into your budget, as well if you plan on purchasing stock photos.

2) Setting up web hosting.

The next step in building a website is signing up for web hosting. Based on what kind of a website you are wanting to have, we will advise you on which web host would be best for your individual needs. Setting up hosting is quick and easy – and relatively inexpensive (typically around $10 a month for a decent host – there are cheaper plans, but remember that you get what you pay for). The web host will usually offer a few plans for you to choose from. Don’t worry – we will help you decide which one you should get.

Once you have signed up for web hosting , you will need to send us the login information for the Cpanel of your website. Please note that construction of any website only begins after the first payment is received. After that, just sit back, watch a movie, or keep working to be productive (your choice) while we build your website. Our staff at Cymax Media works hard to make the total construction of your website possible in under 2 weeks for most websites.

3) Approval & Launch

We will send you a link so you can view your beautiful, hot-off-the-press website and give us feedback. At this point, you can have us make any changes you want or give us the go-ahead to launch so your site can be accessed by the public and you can get found online!