You need BODY in your pages!

Once they actually write something and use words, lo and behold – better page rank!  Better traffic!  Better business and happy clients!


What kind of content is useful?

Here is content that is NOT useful and can result in severe search penalties:

  • Scraped content (content stolen from other websites)
  • Keyword-stuffed content
  • Repetitive content
  • Hardly any content (that bears repeating)

What Google likes to see in page content is quality with a natural sound to it.  What sounds natural about the following?

“Spaghetti sauce recipes are all different.  You can find the best spaghetti sauce recipe by looking at our spaghetti sauce ingredients and comparing them to other spaghetti sauce recipes.  Recipes for spaghetti sauce are very good on spaghetti.”

Nobody talks like that.  It sounds like a robot tape-looping over and over.  Google can tell when you are “loading it up” with keywords trying to rank that page… and the wrath will fall!  Some have reported how doing this spammy, junky technique temporarily increased their web traffic, then one day their pages went POOF from Google because the Penguin Algorithm smacked down hard.  Be warned.

My suggestion for writing amazing content is to do your research first.  Be educated about the subject you are writing about, and write to your readers.  What do you want them to learn?  How can they benefit from your piece?  Yes, it takes work.  But in the long run, you get what you put your effort into! It will be worth it, you just have to be patient and be willing to invest your time and effort into putting out quality content.

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