And now we arrive at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Page content, oh the importance thereof.  Without it, search engines wouldn’t exist.  Blogs wouldn’t exist.  News would be unamusing.  The internet would be totally boring.  Content is the apple of Google’s eye.  It eats it up and dishes it out in an informative feast of search engine fine dining.

Let me say something that needs to be said.


If you haven’t listened to anything else I’ve said this entire time, don’t skimp on word count.  More is always better.  This bears repeating: you will never, ever in a million quadrillion years rank a page that is one or two sentences long.  It won’t happen.

Excuses for Not Writing

You say, I only want pictures on this page.  Well than you can kiss that page goodbye for Google because it won’t rank!  Google can’t see pictures, remember?  You say, I’ll use alt tags instead.  Good luck, friend, because Google hardly gives a flip over alt tags and alt tags are certainly no substitute for good, well-written, quality content.  You say I don’t like to write.  Go to someone who does!  Be creative! You say, I don’t have the time.  You might as well say you don’t have time to rank well on search engines because that’s what’s NOT going to happen.

How many clients have come to Cymax Media over the years saying, rank our page with a couple of worthless sentences.  I couldn’t count them on one hand. They might as well tell us to rank air on the search engine results.  How many clients have we had to tell, write more content!  You need some content!

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