The meta description is also a very important part of your web page’s SEO.  It is a one or two sentence long summary of what your page is about.  It is also often what shows up under your title in the search engine results.  Sometimes Google will use it, sometimes they won’t, depending upon the query of the user.  Knowing that this is something humans will see (like the title), you will want to make it person-appealing (as you always should!).  Crafting a good description gets easier with experience, and it feels weird at first.  Especially when you try doing it with the character restriction rule that Google desires you to follow, making your description less than 160 characters long.

Guidelines for Page Descriptions

There are a few guidelines to remember when crafting your description.  The first is DO NOT PACK IT FULL OF KEYWORDS!!!  Use a keyword once, then drop it or use a variation of it in a much different way.  You will get nowhere putting in a bunch of comma-separated variations of the same keyword over and over and over.  It gets redundant, redundant, redundant see what I mean?  You will want to make it something interesting that catches the reader’s attention but also pertains to the subject of your page.  So if your page is about motorcycles, your description should have nothing to say about bird-watching.  That looks suspicious to all-seeing Google, who will probably be comparing the content of your page to your page’s description to see how they match up.

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