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Web Development Vs. Web Design: What’s the Difference?

The visual appeal of web development is achieved from the transformation of an idea from a singular concept into a multi-page story, expressing a common thought throughout the pages of the website. Web development has a vast application and intricacies with every facet that adds up to a fully functional website. Myriads of businesses and [...]

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4 Tips for Starting a Website for Your Business

If you are just getting your business off the ground, starting your own website can be a bit overwhelming. The first question is usually “Where on earth do I begin?” This simple guide will highlight steps to be taken in getting your website started. Let’s begin! 1. Choosing your platform The idea behind starting your [...]

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Choosing a Web Design Company: What You Need to Know

Web design services have witnessed an immense growth over the years with the upspring of new businesses competing for market shares and extensive visibility. The web design industry has experienced 6.1% growth while the number of new businesses has grown by 4.4%. Inadvertently, the web design industry has achieved a revenue of $34 billion as [...]

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Boom town Colorado

Colorado is booming again. The "boom" is clearly visible from the Denver skyline, with giant construction cranes atop new buildings throughout downtown. After over a decade of economic struggles due to the recent "Great Recession" it is exciting and wonderful to see business growth resurface in a big way. 32,450 new businesses were formed in [...]

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Go For It!

Whether you're a startup firm or a running a business with years of experience under your belt there are always challenges ahead of you and competitors chasing after you. But opportunities abound for those who have the vision to see them. Capturing and profiting from those opportunities requires hard work, dedication, effective marketing  and the [...]

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Cymax Media named Top Denver Web Designer 2016 by Expertise, a coalition of local business reviewers, analyzed and scored 261 web development agencies in an effort to create a hand-picked list of the best web designers in Denver. Out of them, only 108 were curated for consideration and finally 19 were chosen. The criteria was as follows: Reputation - A history of delighted customers [...]

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Mobile is Where Your Business Needs to Be.

If you've owned a land line anytime over the last 10 or 20 years there's a good chance you don't own one now. The days of land lines are numbered, especially for residential customers. Paying for a phone that's glued to your wall just isn't a good investment when compared to the horsepower you can [...]

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Cymax Media Named a Top Denver Web Designer by Agency List

Cymax Media has been selected as one of Denver's top web designers by Agency List, who carefully curates and lists creative agencies according to services provided and reputation. Agency List is a creative resource operated by SEMCentric Online Marketing to help businesses, students and industry professionals find the top advertising agencies in every major market [...]

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Choosing a Web Company

We recently won a job over four other competing web companies. We're often involved in a competitive selection process and it's always great to win in those situations. But most interested was what our new client said to me when she gave us the good news. She said: "You earned it because I like the [...]

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When Cheap is Expensive

The growing trend of cheap websites has not gone unnoticed by us. As a web developer for over 16 years we've seen a lot of change in technology and innovation. Many advancements in technology, such as mobile phone technology have revolutionized how we can connect with people and businesses while we're on the go. No [...]

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