Android now at 88% Market Share

The Android operating system now dominates the mobile phone market with an 88% global market share. According to Strategy Analytics, the use of Android grew about 10% over last year while Apple saw it's market share decline around 5% down to 12% during the same time period. With the ever growing use of mobile phones [...]

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Cymax Media named Top Denver Web Designer 2016 by Expertise, a coalition of local business reviewers, analyzed and scored 261 web development agencies in an effort to create a hand-picked list of the best web designers in Denver. Out of them, only 108 were curated for consideration and finally 19 were chosen. The criteria was as follows: Reputation - A history of delighted customers [...]

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Android is the Current Leader in Mobile

Google has hired the top talent on the planet and continues to score big wins with it - especially in the world of mobile technology. Their Android operating system which powers mobile phones is by far the leading OS across all mobile phones with about 23% of the market. Samsung recently saw shipments totaling 81 [...]

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Mobile is Where Your Business Needs to Be.

If you've owned a land line anytime over the last 10 or 20 years there's a good chance you don't own one now. The days of land lines are numbered, especially for residential customers. Paying for a phone that's glued to your wall just isn't a good investment when compared to the horsepower you can [...]

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Important Changes in eCommerce Rules

Last summer I heard a news story that warned that the entire eCommerce process was going to switch much of the liability of online credit card transactions off of major credit card companies and onto the backs of individual businesses. That time has finally arrived. In February (2016) the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council announced [...]

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PCI DSS Compliance and your eCommerce website

  Problems 2015 was a year marked by credit card thefts and data breaches by hackers that included major government agencies, giant health care companies, and a string of retailers including: Target, Home Depot, TJX (parent of Marshalls and TJMaxx) and even eBay - and that is just known attacks. Just today hackers stole over [...]

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Cymax Media Recognized Second Time as Top Denver Web Designer

Cymax Media has been helping businesses reach new heights since the turn of the century. Launched in 2000, we’ve grown to serve the needs of companies around the world—from startups to some of the top business enterprises. About Cymax Media We’re proud of the work we do. Our clients have been proud of the work [...]

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Cymax Media Named a Top Denver Web Designer by Agency List

Cymax Media has been selected as one of Denver's top web designers by Agency List, who carefully curates and lists creative agencies according to services provided and reputation. Agency List is a creative resource operated by SEMCentric Online Marketing to help businesses, students and industry professionals find the top advertising agencies in every major market [...]

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Google Chrome to Get Faster with Brotli

Google Chrome is about to get a speed upgrade thanks to a new compression algorithm called Brotli. Google has their eyes sharply focused on the mobile browser market. Chrome on Android, which is developed by Google, has around 40 percent share of the mobile browser market, slightly ahead of Safari on iOS, which has 36 percent. [...]

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