4 Tips for Success Online

Want to take your business to new heights? We can help! Here are four quick tips on how to grow your business successfully online. GO MOBILE For the vast majority of business owners, their website is the most affordable (and valuable) marketing asset they own. It goes without saying that to compete online your website [...]

Mobile is Where Your Business Needs to Be.

If you've owned a land line anytime over the last 10 or 20 years there's a good chance you don't own one now. The days of land lines are numbered, especially for residential customers. Paying for a phone that's glued to your wall just isn't a good investment when compared to the horsepower you can [...]

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Mobile Websites for Business

According to the experts, the rate of technological change grows exponentially. Currently there are almost 3 billion people connected to the public internet right now; by 2020 the number will approach 4 billion. Technology is changing at a faster and faster pace. In fact, today is the slowest rate of technological change you will ever [...]

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Google Chrome to Get Faster with Brotli

Google Chrome is about to get a speed upgrade thanks to a new compression algorithm called Brotli. Google has their eyes sharply focused on the mobile browser market. Chrome on Android, which is developed by Google, has around 40 percent share of the mobile browser market, slightly ahead of Safari on iOS, which has 36 percent. [...]

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Choosing a Web Company

We recently won a job over four other competing web companies. We're often involved in a competitive selection process and it's always great to win in those situations. But most interested was what our new client said to me when she gave us the good news. She said: "You earned it because I like the [...]

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When Cheap is Expensive

The growing trend of cheap websites has not gone unnoticed by us. As a web developer for over 16 years we've seen a lot of change in technology and innovation. Many advancements in technology, such as mobile phone technology have revolutionized how we can connect with people and businesses while we're on the go. No [...]

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The Mobile Tidal Wave

The crush of new mobile devices is ubiquitous. Everyone is on the move with a powerful, personal computer in the palm of their hand surfing the web, looking for news and information. Standing still is not an option, it's a solution for failure.

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Why Should My Website be Mobile-Friendly?

So what's so great about having a mobile-friendly website? Can't a regular website be just as powerful? At Cymax Media, we often recommend that a client upgrade their website to be mobile-friendly.

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