Branding your company. It sounds intimidating. What is it, what is the purpose, and how is it done?

What is Branding?

For the purpose of developing  your understanding, put yourself in a more agricultural mindset. You and a competing rancher each have a herd of livestock that look and behave similarly, but how do you tell your cow from the neighbor’s when each “moo” sounds the same? That’s when it’s time to give your herd something that sets it apart from the other.

In the case of cattle owners, it would be a unique shape singed onto the animal’s side with a hot iron.

In the case of business owners, it would be a unique look that stamps all of your marketing materials and property to set you apart from your competitors.

Branding your company means marking all of your territory, whether it be your website, your brochures, business cards, billboards, vehicles, product packaging, etc. Typically, a well-constructed logo design would be the mandatory “stamp,” but the most powerful branding also consistently incorporates unique colors, designs and concepts to show off your messages.

What is the Purpose of Branding?

Branding helps your clients and potential clients to identify your company and differentiate you from the competition. Recognition is very important in boosting conversions, as it builds trust. More trust = more likely to purchase. A dependable brand makes a promise and fulfills it each time.

Ultimately, branding is a tool that should help grow your business. Putting forth a strong image helps in directing company focus and increase the number of referrals that come simply by word of mouth.

All serious companies brand. From Target’s concentric red circles to the elegant cursive font of Lindt chocolate, having a specific look really does boost a business’ marketing presence and enthusiasm everywhere they go. They know it works! And it works for small businesses as well.  When done right, branding your company can truly make a world of difference.

When and How Should Branding be Implemented?

Cymax Media recommends that companies endeavor to brand as soon as possible. The sooner they sculpt their image, the sooner they can begin climbing up the ladder. The effects of branding are not evident overnight. Like most good things in life, they take time to percolate but are well worth the wait. By branding right off the bat, you have a head start! Talk to a trusted company, such as ours, that has ample design experience to help you sculpt the brand that suits your business the best.

It may be that you did hire a company to help you brand, but it may have been years ago and now your look is totally outdated. Or perhaps the company you hired did not do a good job in the first place. Fortunately, rebranding is not impossible – Cymax Media recently did so in the last couple of months, and our staff unanimously agrees that it was one of our best business decisions ever. We have helped numerous clients get a completely new look and expand their business! Call us at 303 681 2020 today to get your free phone consultation about branding.