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How You Can Run a Successful Business with SEO

Business as we know it has evolved through time and with the development in technology there is a whole new market
which is more virtual than physical: welcome to the future of business where SEO is what every business needs to
attract customers. With the right Boulder SEO strategy, customers are sure to find you.


A profitable business runs on adequate patronage by customers. Patronage is determined by the level of visibility of your website on Google. We have the complete set of skills to ensure that your website is top of its class in Google rankings.


Your position on Google ranking determines traffic. We work to ensure that prospective and targeted traffic organically gravitate towards you. Increased traffic will set your business on a path to success.


Returns on investments are sure to hit the roof as sales multiply. Repeat businesses will lead to long term relationships and customer loyalty. We hold the key to this level of business development.

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How We Help Websites Online

  • Site speed and performance

  • Content creation and marketing

  • Permalink check

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • On and off site analysis and optimization

  • Menu structure

  • Interlinking and duplicate content correction

“Our search engine rankings have improved greatly. I think they will be even better because we’re incorporating more capacity on the new [website]. Cymax Media is responsive, professional and easy to understand. They have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with!”


Experts in SEO You Can Trust

  • Dominate your Competition on Google with our State of the Art Ranking Strategies

  • Multiple Award Winning Digital Agency
  • Top Rated Web Specialists by Upcity and other Third Party Research Firms

  • 20 + Years Experience Ranking Websites in Organic Search

  • High ROI with the best online source of customer traffic

The Most Powerful SEO Services in Boulder

Welcome to Cymax Media! We specialize in giving businesses nothing but the best SEO services which generates big time sales
and impressive ROI for all business types and sizes.

You’ve Heard About SEO, Now What is it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science applied to designing and optimizing your personal website in order to maximize search engine rankings, giving your business ultimate visibility and authority which results in sales bloom. This strategy means that every element, content and addition to your website is designed with the purpose of securing a high page ranking. This involves a lot of complex procedures that can only yield success with effective planning, skill and experience. This is precisely what we are all about. We utilize every technique – from mobile site compatibility to highly functional and exclusive keyword research. At Cymax Media, we stay informed on digital data trend and industry news which allows us to help our clients achieve their business goals.

How Google’s Algorithms Work

The Google landscape uses an innumerable number of factors when it comes to to creating ranking priorities. In order to get the best ranking you must understand how it works. As technology takes a major shift businesses are expected to make that dive with it. Google announced that websites that are not compliant with responsive technology would be penalized. This only goes to show that the drift to mobile technology isn’t an option but a necessary transition. So do away with the old school methods of SEOs, and in with the future of digital marketing. This is why our team here at Cymax Media works around the clock testing and implementing viable strategies that are sure to take over the market.

SEO is Conquering Boulder

There has undoubtedly been a shift from conventional forms of advertisements such as newspapers and magazines. The era of printing is aging out and rapidly replaced by digital ads and Ecommerce. This is why businesses are seeking for the best ways to key into this digital world by securing a strong online presence. Entertainment and marketing has shifted off the papers to mobile devices and computers. There are more people on social media today than there has ever been. This is a wide open market with so much potential. As we enter a completely digital era the late birds will lose out on the worms. This is the best time to put your business in the spotlight.

What Defines the Best SEO Tactics?

Anything but shady unethical SEO tactics! Some companies claim to be knowledgeable in the creation and deployment of SEO strategies but rather than taking professional steps the use shady back door techniques such as software bots and keyword stuffing along with other unauthorized steps to manipulate their way into a temporarily high ranking. Of course this comes with a penalty when it is discovered and your business is left to suffer. High quality campaigns take time, effort and monitoring to achieve. This depends on business type and the level of competition in that industry. Once we get a grasp of what your services are truly about, it becomes easier to penetrate the market with a sound SEO strategy.

Focusing in on Targeted Traffic

What good is traffic when it doesn’t convert to sales? A website with high traffic and very minimal sales can be diagnosed as lacking quality traffic. Quality traffic is generated by targeted strategies which specifically find people who are in need of your services and draws them to your website. This leads to conversion of sales. A poor Boulder SEO agency’s strategy is generic and simply pulls in every demographic to your website. These uninterested but curious lots simply take one look and the exit the site leading to high traffic, high bounce rate and no sales – in other words, a complete waste. Quality SEO work done by Cymax Media ensures that Traffic is commensurate with sales. We focus on targeted customers, this way we can help your business truly become a success.

The Importance of an Intensive On-Site Website Audit for Your Business

We are perfectionists! Cymax Media understands that we must leave no stone unturned in offering the best services and discovering new ways to help our lovely customers. Our team will also take a look at the capacity of your business website and explore its potential. This intensive investigation is done to audit every key element such as content, permalink structures, and a lot of other possible digital maladies that can hinder traffic generation. We also give recommendations that can help your business find favor with the Google search engine.

How long does SEO take to work for Your Website?

People are often perplexed with the amount of time that SEOs can take before fruition, which can range between days to months. The truth is plain and simple; no one can categorically place a time line on SEO. It is a moving train that goes in loops so the best chance is to study the loop patterns, study the market, study competition and rise to the top. Many have regrettably taken illegitimate shortcuts which did not pay off, which can happen when you do not choose the best Boulder SEO company you cna find. The time taken often depends on the level of competition in that particular industry. Keyword ranking plays a most vital role in building traffic.

Why You Should Choose Cymax Media to Help Your Organic Rankings

Firstly, because we are just awesome! Secondly because we are Boulder’s finest SEO company with over 20 years of solid experience in the SEO business. We are dynamic and constantly evolving to bring a blend of diversity and dexterity into forging long term relationships that grow into loyalty and profits for our client’s businesses. We strive to create a digital utopia where all businesses thrive with maximum benefits and optimization of public image. We have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients leaving trails of successes. Our specialty is to deliver on high website ranking in Google as well as other search engines. As the world goes digital we encourage businesses to take their place in the digital market in order to increase profits. Contact Cymax Media today for a free consultation at (720) 202 – 1645. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to answer all your questions and provide you with tailored solutions for your business.

What specific steps do SEO companies take to ensure Higher SERP Positions?

Every website is unique and requires a tailored approach. We live in a world where there are thousands of similar businesses offering similar products. The only way to ensure that your site out-ranks other competition is complete dedication to devising a stronger SEO strategy. This is done by combining the power of technology with adequate research and monitoring. Here are elements of a successful SEO campaign;

  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Thorough Back-link Investigation
  • Professional content Copy
  • Local Citation Cleanups and Audits
  • Onsite Optimization Audits and corrections
  • Offsite Optimization and Content Promotion
  • Accurate Traffic Analytics Integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) with A and B testing

The steps depend on the business needs. No two websites are the same. We proffer the most suitable solutions to businesses after an intensive audit. This is to maximize all potentials and to create a stronger visibility with focus on targeted marketing.

Our Data-Driven and Efficient Process for Results

We utilize three main steps in the deployment of a full scale SEO strategy.

  1. Discovery

In order to create the best strategy we first take out time to study the business. We go through all content, this would enable us highlight area that need improvement and areas of strength that can be capitalized upon to grow traffic. This audit leaves every detail open for critical tweaks which are needed to achieve results.

  1. Strategy

This phase is used to work on titles, URL structure, Meta Data and may other factors affecting visibility. Your website is the main point of focus as this is the magnet that pulls in potential clients we ensure that the keywords are highly competitive and exclusive.

  1. Execution

This is the final stage, the main focus is on driving the process, giving feedback to our clients on progress made as we continue to structure and monitor all changes. These processes are key to giving your business that lucky break. Contact us today and let’s make your business a profitable one!

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