The growing trend of cheap websites has not gone unnoticed by us. As a web developer for over 16 years we’ve seen a lot of change in technology and innovation. Many advancements in technology, such as mobile phone technology have revolutionized how we can connect with people and businesses while we’re on the go. No more pay phones. It’s all about instant information while you’re on the move. We’re excited and embrace mobile technology in a big way. Want a mobile site or a mobile app – we’re all about that and glad to help.

But what about those cheap website solutions?
Businesses like, and others have very inexpensive options that allow you to create your own website for dirt cheap. But is that really a good thing? We understand that times are tight but if you’re really considering those cheap websites for your business you should seriously reconsider…for good reason.

Cheap can be Expensive
We’ve had a good number of business owners contact us with a similar story. They say they already have a website but it’s not bringing them leads, not making them money and it looks bad besides. They heard bought into the sales pitch… “Get a cheap website and save yourself thousands of $$$!”  Then after a 2-3 years they’re knocking on our door saying they wish they had hired us years ago and spent more money to do the job right. Honestly, their websites were terrible. They were terrible to look at and their cheap website likely cost them thousands in lost clients.

Moral of the Story
When you’re handling a job that’s critical to your business. Have it done professionally. Have it done right. You’ll spend a more money up front but you’ll be glad you did.  It’s about return on your investment. Spend a little and lose a lot or spend more now and have a powerful website that can help you compete, grow and thrive for years to come.

If you need a new website, we invite you to contact us!