The crush of new mobile devices is ubiquitous. Everyone is on the move with a powerful, personal computer in the palm of their hand surfing the web, looking for news and information.  Standing still is not an option, it’s a solution for failure.

If your website is an older site it’s probably time for a new website design using new technology!

We Want Information Now

We not only want information but we want it wherever we are, in the office, on the road or on vacation. We’re hooked on information and acquiring it quickly and easily. That’s why it is imperative to have a website that is mobile phone and tablet friendly! There are still a large number of aging websites out there that are losing traffic and calls due to their outdated technology. What is required is “responsive technology”. This is sophisticated web technology that detects the screen size of a website’s visitor and automatically changes the web page content to best suit that device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smart phones. Cymax Media specializes in updating and converting older websites into mobile friendly websites.

Wearable Technology

The newest trend is in wearable technology such as the smart watch and a variety of health and fitness trackers. But these are just a ripple in the tidal wave that has changed not just the internet but our lives.

Responsive Life in the Cloud

With much of our office and email “in the cloud” it’s easier than ever to work and communicate with your clients using mobile technology. The modern business needs to stay on top of these technology trends to maximize your online marketing dollars and investments in your website.