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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Being found on the first page of Google is the same as money in the bank. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the main way potential customers find information about businesses, products and services online. Google is clearly the “big dog” with a commanding lead in the search world with around 65% of ALL the searches online with Yahoo and Bing owning about 15% each. Google also is the best search engine for tablets and mobile phones, offering an easy to use, consistent search experience across all platforms. Getting onto the first page of Google can be a “game changer” for any business. Cymax Media has been providing SEO services for about 8 years for clients across the country and we have a track record of proven success. We have SEO clients with hundreds of top 10 spots on Google. If your site performs well on Google you’ll do well on both Yahoo and Bing.

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Everyone knows how critical it is for any serious company to be ranked as high as possible and especially with top 10, first page results on Google. For over 8 years Cymax Media has helped a wide range of companies achieve top ten rankings through SEO (on regional and national levels), bringing in more and more inquiries and customers.

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We’ve all done searches and found a top ranking website that didn’t get serious consideration because of a poor website design, lack of information or confusing navigation menu. SEO must be combined with an attractive and professional website! Cymax Media specializes in custom designs and guarantees our work. To be successful online, you need a website that will excite your target market with a combination of your visual design and information so you can maximize the impact of your marketing message.

Years ago, firms had to spend thousands on “Yellow Page” or magazine ads to reach customers. Things have changed. Today, combined with the flexibility and depth a quality website can provide, the internet is truly the most valuable part of any company’s marketing strategy – and it’s often much more accurate and affordable than those old school marketing techniques.

Cymax Media has the professional SEO experience you can count on.  We have years of experience with search engine optimization and can help you maximize both your website’s marketing effectiveness and your search engine results. And, unlike hundreds of bogus search engine experts that make exaggerated claims of expertise via unethical tactics and spam email, we can prove our experience with solid results. With over 8 years of real world, rock-solid search engine experience and the results to prove it, we can help you with your company’s SEO. Having your site found through search engines like Google is critical to increasing search traffic and customers to your site – let Cymax Media help your website deliver incredible results and business to your company!

SEO search engine optimization denverCymax Media has top customer recommendations. We’ve have numerous clients that have found their website to be the most important (and cost effective) tool for driving their business.

Search Engines can seriously impact your business with increased leads. As an example of our SEO experience, we rebuilt Morrill Industries’ website. We helped garner hundreds of top 10 postions in Google which bring in leads worldwide for their industrial and agricultural equipment, making their investment in our service worth their money.

In Colorado we built the top site for Eye Doctors – with over 36,000 visits a month and over 500 top 10 results on Google! Before, they had less than 500 visits a year

Search Engine Optimization that works!

SEO for Denver and Across the US

For over 8 years, Cymax Media has been delivering astounding results for our client’s websites through giving them better search engine rankings. We focus on your geographic market and your products or services to help your website communicate both to the search engines and to your customers. You can also be completely confident in our experience. After 14 years we are still going strong as a web developer, graphics and webmaster in Colorado and for companies across the United States.

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Search Engine Optimization Services by Cymax Media
Date Published: 08/08/2013
I signed on with Cymax Media in February 2013. Prior to them building my website, we were usually ranked in the top 10 in Google searches. After getting my new website built, my business has consistently been ranked #1 or #2 in Google searches. They have been responsive to my needs, and we are now working on even higher rankings for Bing and Yahoo.