So you need a website and want it to be first on Google because you think it could help your grow your business? Well, you’re right. Getting top spots on Google and other major search engines can impact your business by bringing in more calls, leads and new business. But to achieve this goal is often a real battle not to be taken lightly. Attaining top search results on google takes serious expertise, time and money. As the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money” and it still applies today. So if you’ve built your website on some cheap website DIY platform like Squarespace or Godaddy, you’re absolutely kidding yourself. Those things are a complete waste of your time and money for any serious business. The fact is, to have chance at competing against millions or tens of million of search results you’ll need to hire a professional. You would be wise to hire a web developer with years of experience who also specializes in search engine optimization – like Cymax Media.

At Cymax Media we start out by listening to our clients have to say about their business, their website, their competition, their hopes and goals and what budget they are hoping to work within. We will study your online competition and your website using a number of tools and analytics. If you’re building a house, one of the first things you need to tell the builder is what your budget range is. This way the builder can calibrate the design and the materials he would use to build your house so he can work within your budget. You’ll also have to set realistic goals, establish a monthly budget and be prepared to wait. Typically a website that is not performing well has a number of things that need to be worked on and improved. we is facing serious competition. If you’re really serious about this then get serious about your budget and the time it will take to accomplish your goals.

SEO Takes Time

It’s a simple fact, that you’ll need to be patient. Top search engine rankings take time. We’ve often take on clients that are on page 10 or worse on Google. After a month or two of SEO work their website will be noticeably start creeping up the ladder. But again, it takes time. That’s why we offer our SEO service over an annual period, with most of our clients renewing our service because as hard as it is to gain those top spots, it’s far easier to drop! Why? Because, it’s a competitive world out there and those top spots are worth money!

Your Website Matters

Getting into the those top search results isn’t the only thing that matters. Your website matters! If you’re the top website on Google but your website is a disaster, then you’ll be losing customers. You really want the one-two combination punch of a great website plus top search results. In fact, if you have an old clunker of a website it probably is not built on responsive technology. Responsive technology means your website is “friendly” with all sizes of devices, be it a desktop, laptop, iPhone or any Smartphone. This is a factor in Google’s algorhythm too. So if your website is one of those old clunkers – it’s time to redo it and join the modern age where mobile technology is a major factor.

Your Target Market Size Matters

The size and scope of your target market matters. Can you pinpoint a city or several cities that you serve? If so, that will help. If your market is the entire nation only, you’re in for a serious challenge. Generally speaking, the smaller the target market the easier and more affordable SEO will be. Generally speaking the larger geographic area you’re chasing, the harder and more expensive the job will be. Want to sell real estate in Fort Carson? One of our real estate clients absolutely dominates that market. Want to sell real estate anywhere in the US? Then expect to spend major bucks and likely years of work to accomplish that task. It’s fairly obvious, search engine optimization for a company selling a service to one city is far easier than a company selling into 100 major markets. While you might want to go nationwide, you might try focusing on nearby locations or your state first. Because if you can’t get on top of the results in your state or a major city in your state, you’re going to have far more difficulty conquering other markets.

How Do We Price SEO?

We price our SEO services by learning about your company, your objectives, your competition and taking into account the time it may take, the difficulty and the size of your target market. So there are many factors that come into play. We have been doing SEO for companies across the country, many of which compete across the country or across multiple states. We also have done a lot of SEO work for local Colorado based companies and can prove our success by testimonials from our clients.

Go With a Pro!

Like most things in life, if you want something done right you would be wise to hire a professional. We have been doing SEO for over a decade and have been building websites for over 15 years. We probably won’t be as cheap as your cousin Eddie who just built their first website but you can count on our expertise to help your business thrive and excel online. So again, if you’re trapped on one of those cheap, low cost websites from Godaddy, Wix or Squarespace – run, don’t walk to a web professional, like Cymax Media. We can absolutely help you get an amazing website that can seriously impact your business and help grow your business!