If you’ve owned a land line anytime over the last 10 or 20 years there’s a good chance you don’t own one now. The days of land lines are numbered, especially for residential customers. Paying for a phone that’s glued to your wall just isn’t a good investment when compared to the horsepower you can get from new mobile technology from Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, etc. Furthermore, Americans are abandoning wired home Internet services too. Why be stuck to a wire when wireless is so much more convienent? People are abandoning their wired internet connection for a mobile data. If the trend continues, (like it’s expected to) it will reflect a huge shift in the way we experience the Web. The days of desktops will be replaced by mobile technology. Don’t forget that with gadgets like Google’s Chromecast you can send your data to a television screen.  4G LTE and other wireless technologies are clearly turning into viable alternatives for home broadband.

Mobile internet subscriptions via smartphone, tablet or any other device with a cellular connection will grow from 2.2 billion this year to 6.4 billion by 2019.

This means that “Mobile” is what your business website needs to be optimized for.
When it comes to designing a website, the beauty of a large screen desktop website can’t be beat, but the reality is that the mobile user and mobile is perhaps more important. Often your mobile user can have a powerful 4G Apply iphone but could be getting just a couple bars and have lousy wireless reception as they are moving around the planet. Poor internet connections place a premium on fast loading web pages and getting the most important delivered to your user, near or at the top of the home page. This means…get to the point and have a phone number easily available near the top of your mobile site.

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