The new year is a great time to start setting goals for your business and the year ahead.

Big Picture View

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Did you just survive or did you thrive last year? What we all want is to grow, thrive and be successful. One thing that’s good to start the new year off with is a big picture evaluation of your business and your competitive environment.

Success in business means winning jobs and to win you’ve got to know “who” your competiting against. Take some time to evaluate and study your competition as well as your own business. Take a big picture view of your market and surrounding economy and business landscape. What are they doing that’s working? Are you keeping up? How can you overcome competitive obstacles? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Can you bring some other skills or value to your business this year that will add value and enhance your chances of success?

Review your Web Presence

In light of your competition is your website up-to-date and competitive or is it a dusty dinosaur? Do you need help with Social Media? Does your website use responsive technology that makes it mobile friendly? Chances are if your website is over 3 years old you’re losing ground because everyone has a smart phone and is searching the web no matter where they are. Technology on the web moves at the speed of broadband. If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly or has old news your company is losing customers and business.
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Grow and Learn

Learn something new! Expand your horizons. You’re never too old to learn something new. Have a good attitude and you’ll be surprised at how you can expand your knowledge and become more helpful to your customers. Keep up with the changing times.

Plan and set Goals
After considering these things come up with a strategic business plan for the coming year and include ideas for a marketing plan. Try to keep it simple, go for the big picture stuff first. Set some meaningful goals, the number of clients you want to add, the percentage you want to grow, the territory you want to add, to competition you want to beat, the income you want to generate…whatever is important to you. Then you can flesh out the details later. Having a good big picture, strategic plan can help guide your thinking and should give you the freedom and flexibility to respond to changes over time which is critical in our fast changing world.

Focus on the big picture. Put together your priorities and outline the major steps you need to take to accomplish those. If your marketing materials are dated and need a “refresh” Cymax Media would be glad to help you. We’ve created lots of brochures and advertising materials and can bring in some creative ideas to help spruce up the quality and appeal of your marketing efforts.

Help Others and Help Yourself

Finally, think about helping others as an objective. Oddly enough, good business is not about you, it’s about others…your customers. Unlike most of the marketing you hear on television, a successful business tries to focus on their customers needs first. How can you help them best? And by helping and serving them you’ll discover a sure-fire path to success. Because when you do good work for someone, they’ll become an unpaid marketing agent for your company. Most of our best clients and business partners have arisen because of our dedication to helping them succeed. You’ll find that by helping your clients with honest work and by going beyond their expectations you’ll make them happy and also feel better about what you’re doing for a living. Helping others really helps yourself and your business.