“Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen [or in our case, the keyboad] is mightier than the sword.”

Edward George Bulwer Lytton probably didn’t know just how valuable a compelling web copy would become in the days when horse-drawn vehicles replaced high-speed internet connections, but do his words stand the test of time and technology?

Content Is the King of the Internet…

As the world’s most powerful search engine, Google has openly declared that their mission is to deliver the best user experience to searchers. Therefore, they value well-written, quality content (preferably in a quantity of over 300 words per page) over pages of a few sentences, or repetitive, keyword-stuffed content.

Google is a robot, and as such they cannot see pictures. They have no appreciation for the artistic. When it comes to ranking pages in the search engines, looks are not a priority. The words of your content are a huge factor in dishing up results to curious customers on the web, and are often quoted verbatim from sections in your page underneath your page’s result.

Always remember that Google is now smart enough to be able to tell when you are trying to “spam up” your content in order to rank well, at the expense of the reader. Our advice? Don’t skimp on the words. But don’t be long-winded and repetitive either. Remember that Google is smarter than you think and will penalize your rankings if you get caught (and there isn’t really an “if” about it).

…But It’s Not The King of Conversions

Ultimately, you need to be able to communicate with your audience. Professional impressions that are made with an attractive web design and good, marketing-friendly language both have something to offer when it comes to persuading a teetering buyer to hop on over to your side of the fence. They are both a means of communication, and (I would argue) both necessary, but one is more important than the other.

While a beautiful website without words will not be able to answer very many questions buyers will undoubtedly have, and an ugly website with a volume of words will leave a bad impression with visitors and they will have little desire to read what you have to say. Conversions demand a captivating presence online. (A picture is worth a thousand words, remember?)

So, both the pen (content) and the sword (website design) function in different ways to help boost business. Together, they can make a very powerful website. But if you aren’t a good writer – or maybe don’t have the time it takes to create an amazing copy – or are in need of a website, you could always ask Cymax Media.