Videos Produced by FAA Certified Drone Pilots!

Cymax Media provides professional drone videography from FAA certified, licensed drone pilots. We also have over a decade of video production experience so we understand the importance of lighting, editing, color correction, what shots are key to telling a great story and use state-of-the-art technology to make it all come together.  The United States has the busiest and most complicated airspace in the world. That is why, when shooting video, complying with the Federal Aviation Administration is paramount to ensure a safe and legal flight. Rest assured, our licensed drone pilot is FAA compliant and FAA certified. Having a Small Unmanned Aircraft Certificate (Part 107) grants us the right to fly and shoot drone videos commercially. Companies that do not have this license may put you at risk for being fined by the FAA.

Take Your Videos to New Heights with Our Drone Services!

Promote your business, services, properties, or products with incredible drone videography! Use the power of cinematic aerial footage to captivate your audience with visually stunning drone footage or photos. The unique perspective of video shot from above grabs attention and steps of the quality of almost any video production. We take the time to understand your project needs and customize our services to best fit your goals. We are dedicated to helping our clients take their video production to a higher level, creating a perfect experience to your audience or customers. While we’re shooting video we can also capture still photos for your brochures, website and other marketing needs. Contact us to begin turning your next video project into a captivating visual story.

Our Recent Drone Videos

Cymax Media specializes in corporate videos for businesses and events in Colorado. In this video, we worked with The Sprucery Garden Center to display an overhead view of their five acre nursery.  The client had very specific requests and aerial shots of his location which help show his customers what his facility looks like. This corporate video will become part of a larger work later in 2018 which will capture additional shots featuring unique angles, camera movements, professional editing and music.

Cymax Media creates visually stunning real estate drone videos for our clients in Colorado. We designed intriguing camera angles to showcase some of the most amazing aspects of the location including the landscaping, beautiful pool, pond, and the many waterfalls. When combined with our professional video editing, and inspiring music, the final masterpiece is not only a tool for marketing but a form of art.

Cymax Media works in real estate drone videography to form impressive aerial footage for marketing. Cinematic aerial shots which were once only used by large video production companies like Hollywood can now be brought to you at an affordable price. Our real estate clients let us know their favorite aspects of each property to highlight the most stunning qualities of your real estate.

Cymax Media has drone videography experts to take your real estate videos to new heights! We can take cinematic-type shots at almost any angle for a completely unique feel. Our real estate drone videos are custom made for each lot and are best used for luxury properties. Drone videos draw more attention and have been proven to boost sales in the luxury home market. We can also combine our aerial videography footage with interior videography and music to provide a powerful sales and marketing tool perfect for the homes that promise you the most profitable opportunities.

Cymax Media takes incredible aerial videos for architects, builders, construction companies and more. Let us showcase your most impressive structures with amazing aerial videography!

Create Videos with Cymax Media’s
In-House Drone Pilots

Cymax Media offers stunning aerial photos and videos, taken by one of our professional, licensed drone pilots. Our pilots are highly trained and experienced so we can get the right shot safely and effectively.

Drone Videos for Real Estate

Take Your Real Estate Visuals To New Heights!

Aerial video is by far the best way to showcase your real estate property. Drone videography allows you to feature your real estate in the most majestic and awe-inspiring way. Drone video is the perfect solution to display houses and landscapes from an incredible view. Bring out the best of your real estate listing with drone videography. You’re marketing visuals will be taken to new heights from a birds eye view of your property. Customers love gaining a complete perspective of the views, landscape, terrain, and housing layout with drone videography. Cymax Media provides top quality high definition videos with professional and experienced drone pilots. Take advantage of our FAA certified pilots today! We would love to make your unique real estate look incredible with drone videography!

Incorporate Drone Videography in Your Marketing Strategy

Cinematic Visual Marketing

What is the best way to market your company to your clients? By providing jaw dropping visuals! Capturing the attention is the most difficult and vital part of marketing. With professional drone videography, your customers will be automatically surprised and wowed by the exciting experience that drone videos provide. Our professional team of drone videographers can bring your vision to life and create powerful visuals that are Hollywood quality. We would love to work with you and transform your marketing with our drone services. Whether you need video of your buildings, company, events, location or services, we are here to provide the highest quality of HD video. Level up with corporate drone videography.

Airspace and FAA Waivers to Get the Video You Need

Airspace Inspection and Obtaining Authorization

One of the most common questions we receive is regarding flying over the chosen location for our client’s projects. It is important to understand if the designated area falls into an airspace that requires a waiver from the FAA. Not all airspaces are available for corporate drone videographers and photographers due to reasons like a nearby airport or other hazards. Luckily, the FAA is now making it possible to fly in restricted areas by issuing a waiver to drone pilots. Authorization of flying in prohibited areas takes between 21-90 days to get a response from the FAA. After obtaining the waiver from the FAA, we are free to work for corporate purposes under the waiver’s specified terms and conditions.

Drone Video Pre-Production

How Pre-Production is Vital to the Process

Cymax Media’s drone pilots work under the guidelines of part 107, which describes the restrictions for where a commercial drone pilot can and cannot fly. Our licensed drone pilots work to help your pre-productions needs by checking sectional charts and surrounding areas of the desired location which you need shot. We take time to carefully understand our client’s project. Understanding the airspace above and around the area is an important part of executing the production. Our team needs proper time to plan, investigate, and learn about the location to understand if we need authorization to fly in the airspace.

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Contact Cymax Media to discuss how we can help you with your drone videography needs. We would love to talk with you about your production and what you need aerial coverage for. If you have a specific request in mind, please let us know and our team will do everything we can to support your individual needs.

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