Please make different descriptions for different pages, even if it seems like a lot of work.  Remember, you are not trying to optimize your site, you are trying to optimize the pages within your site.  Don’t go global with anything for the most part.  In the cases where you have simply too many pages to write every meta description by hand, try copying and pasting an interesting excerpt into the meta description area.  This can save time without being too redundant with using global stuff.  Quality is very important to search engines.  That is why so-called “auto-generated” meta descriptions are a joke.  Don’t try them because they don’t work.  If they grab a sentence that is an introductory sentence, your description becomes useless and even detrimental.

A Few More Thoughts on Descriptions

Including contact information is sometimes a good idea in the description if you are trying to get someone to call you to request a consultation or some such action.  But there really is no specific formula for writing descriptions because sites vary so much between types.  Just try to include the keyword you are aiming to snatch for that page and be concise.

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