Never underestimate the power of a well thought-out title.  Google has some rules of the game, and has suggested them in their article on creating descriptive page titles.  Here are the article’s main points:

  • Every page on your site needs to be assigned a title.

Don’t forget to include every page on your website and give it a title! Leaving out titles is a big mistake and can cause pages to not rank on your site.  The title on your home page is usually one of the most important ones, so make it good!

  • Page titles need to be descriptive (like a summary of the page it is for)

A couple of words is not sufficient, and won’t encourage anyone to click on it. Try to get people interested! You want them to click on it, don’t you?

  • Page titles should be concise, not long-winded

Avoid vague words or long strings of unconnected words.  A bad example of a title is this: Videos, Tutorials, Lessons, Photos, Games, Tickets and more!  Do you see why?  It is going in too many different directions!  It is too confusing!  Be as specific as possible so Google understands what you are going after.

  • They should not practice keyword stuffing (big no-no) or be repetitive

Keyword stuffing.  Bad, bad bad.  Really bad.  Don’t do it in titles, don’t do it anywhere, save the keyword stuffing for your texts to your friends (if they don’t get easily annoyed).  You sound uneducated and boring when your title sounds like something like this: Purple Designer Shoes and Designer Shoes in Purple, Purple Shoes by Designers in Purple.  Yuck!  Just don’t.  Who wants to click on that boring title?  And Google doesn’t think it’s cute either, by the way.

  • Brand your titles consistently and concisely

Google suggests it, that makes it law.  Seriously though, branding is important.  Brand everything you can get your hands on, including titles.  Go crazy!  Tack the name of your company at every opportunity!  Don’t be afraid to declare who you are and what you are up to.  A branded title is simply a title that includes your company name somewhere in it – usually toward the back.  Get it in there and you will be happy.

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