Let’s talk words.  How many should you put in your page title?  Guess what – you can’t just go on and on and on without suffering the penalty.  Remember that little tip Google gave us earlier?  Something about… concise?  That means not wordy or lengthy.  It means clean out the extra babble and get down to the important stuff.  Google recommends that your title stays under 70 characters long.  Characters are the letters, themselves, not the words they form.

Title Tips

That means you are going to clean up your vocabulary. Use valuable words, and avoid stop words like and, or, with, and so on.  Use separators in place of those instead to take up less space.  Pretend like you are moving.  When you only have so much space in a box, you want to take the most important things and pack them in as neatly as possible.  You want to take out stuff like empty toilet paper rolls, broken remote controlled helicopters and that pet rock collection of 26 google-eyed, felt-adorned stones so you can take your precious 6th grade yearbooks from the 80s with you (and don’t leave out your autographed record collection!).  By now you should be getting the drift that you need to hone your interest onto the specifics.  The more outlets you try to chase in one title, the weaker your page is going to be rank-wise.  And as with packing boxes for your trip to Los Angeles, put the stuff that isn’t as important on the bottom and your most valuable goodies on top.  Here is a good example of a well crafted title trying to rank for a recipe:

Homemade Gingerbread Recipe | Whole Wheat Breads by Grandma’s Goods

This is something I would want to click on.  It is useful, concise and even is branded at the back!  Notice how no word is repeated.  Notice also how the important words are near the front – the words that people will be typing in to find the page.  There you go, why don’t you try it for yourself?  There are several user title-character-counting tools online where you can practice making a title of the perfect length.

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