We recently won a job over four other competing web companies. We’re often involved in a competitive selection process and it’s always great to win in those situations. But most interested was what our new client said to me when she gave us the good news. She said: “You earned it because I like the way you do business. You truly care.” She went on to say that the other web companies she was considering appeared to be capable and talked like they knew what they were doing but we proved that we were not only experienced and capable but we obviously cared more.

We Care

She said we cared to be helpful when the other companies seemed to mostly care about themselves and their bottom line. This client is a small business owner who clearly understands there a lot is riding on the success of her new website. When its your money (not money from a some big company’s marketing budget) picking the right web developer and where you spend your money is a big deal. We get that.

A Big Step

To win over the client we were able to prove that not only were we qualified but we respected the investment she was about to make and the leap of faith this person would be taking with us. So we tried to educate her on how we work and that were were both reliable and skillful. This new client was a woman who was making her first big step in hiring a professional web company. She understood the importance of her decision and knew that having her website look attractive, professional and be found through search engine optimization were all key components that had to go right.

How Do You Know What Web Company to Go With?

Unlike a lot of new web companies who barely know html, and less about marketing or business – we’ve built custom business websites for years and have been deeply involved in developing branding and marketing materials for a hundreds of clients. When it comes to building websites, lots of companies claim to know what they’re doing but having built websites for over 16 years brings a lot of credibility. We also have great recommedations but more importantly we tried to help the client by going the extra mile. We gave her a number of recommendations on what the website should include, its marketing focus, strategy and we also provided her with other suggestions and resources…all before we were hired. We not only try to do great work be we try to be someone you can trust and someone that you can depend on.

Small Business is Personal

After we were selected, our new client told us she hired us because she “admired the way we do business”. We really cared and were helpful. Picking a key business partner like your web developer can be a personal thing to a small business owner. For us, we just like helping…its at our core of who we are. We want to help our clients grow and thrive by leveraging our skills and many years of markeing and web experience. And we’ve done that for over 16 years, which is a long time in the fast changing technology world we live and work in.

If you’re looking for a web company that’s got rock solid experience and who truly cares about your business…give us a call!
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