4 Tips for Success Online

Want to take your business to new heights? We can help! Here are four quick tips on how to grow your business successfully online. GO MOBILE For the vast majority of business owners, their website is the most affordable (and valuable) marketing asset they own. It goes without saying that to compete online your website [...]

Get your Website in Shape!

Putting hard work into your body isn't easy but its keeps you in shape. Just like your body, your website needs to be taken care of and kept in top shape. Keeping your website in shape makes smart business sense too. That's because your website is often your most effective, valuable and affordable marketing vehicle [...]

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Rethinking and Refreshing your Marketing

For most companies, their website is the most valuable (and affordable) online presence and marketing tool. But could it work better for you? It's important to rethink and refresh your website and marketing message to keep it current, on target and as effective as possible. Every year businesses face the challenges and shifting tides of [...]

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Mobile Websites for Business

According to the experts, the rate of technological change grows exponentially. Currently there are almost 3 billion people connected to the public internet right now; by 2020 the number will approach 4 billion. Technology is changing at a faster and faster pace. In fact, today is the slowest rate of technological change you will ever [...]

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Choosing a Web Company

We recently won a job over four other competing web companies. We're often involved in a competitive selection process and it's always great to win in those situations. But most interested was what our new client said to me when she gave us the good news. She said: "You earned it because I like the [...]

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When Cheap is Expensive

The growing trend of cheap websites has not gone unnoticed by us. As a web developer for over 16 years we've seen a lot of change in technology and innovation. Many advancements in technology, such as mobile phone technology have revolutionized how we can connect with people and businesses while we're on the go. No [...]

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Is SEO Lost in a Website Redesign?

It can take incredible effort and time to build up an established position on the search engines. This can make people shuffle around in their seats when they think about an overhaul on their website. Their worst fear is to have a brand new, beautiful website that is now lost in cyberspace because its rankings have been [...]

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The Power of Pictures in your Website Design

The lighting is perfect. The people are smiling, and the subject is clearly in focus. What is it about a great photo that makes your website look light years better than it did before?

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Why So-Called “Free Websites” Aren’t Free

Maybe watching that beautiful evening sunset is a pleasure money never could buy, but are the best things in business really free?

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