6 Key Trust Signals Your Website Should Have

In our design process, we often collaborate with our clients on ways we can enhance the trust factor of their sites. This is done through the use of implementing trust signals in strategic areas (usually on the homepage, but the can also be added to any page where optimizing for conversions is the goal). What [...]

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Rankings: Do They Matter for Your Online Business Sales?

When you want to attract people to your online business, wouldn't it make sense to use, well, the internet? After all, it's where people go to type in your eCommerce website. And if they don't already know the URL, then they'll use Google or another search engine to find your products or services. But if [...]

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8 Link Development Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

Link development has been a key SEO tactic for as long as Google has been doing its thing. Spending on SEO hit almost $70 billion in 2017 and the industry is expected to continue skyrocketing until at least 2020. A good portion of this spending is going toward link development. Why? A quality backlink profile is one [...]

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Why You Need to Invest in UX Design

Your website may look great, but how do you know if it's intuitive for visitors? We've all been frustrated with a poorly designed website, given up and headed back to Google to look elsewhere. In fact, 75% of users make business credibility judgments on the basis of your web design. Subtle mistakes could be sending potential consumers [...]

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10 Ways to Optimize your Brand Development Strategy

When you want to take your business to that level, brand development is essential. Building a brand means establishing your mission, executing marketing strategy and connecting with your public in many different ways. Are you looking to build or tweak your brand? Let's start with the following ten points. 1. Brainstorm Your Brand Development And [...]

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The Power of Persistence

"Energy and persistence conquer all things." -- Benjamin Franklin Among the top keys to business success is the power of  persistence...to never give up. A company can grow and thrive only if they are capable of enduring failures, learning from mistakes and overcoming obstacles but most of all by leveraging a "never quit" attitude. Although [...]

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Start Ups and Vision

 "The empires of the future are empires of the mind." - Winston Churchill Mark Zuckerberg encouraged a group of young entrepreneurs at Y Combinator’s Startup School in Palo Alto that it's important to take risks. “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks,” he [...]

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Get your Website in Shape!

Putting hard work into your body isn't easy but its keeps you in shape. Just like your body, your website needs to be taken care of and kept in top shape. Keeping your website in shape makes smart business sense too. That's because your website is often your most effective, valuable and affordable marketing vehicle [...]

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Go For It!

Whether you're a startup firm or a running a business with years of experience under your belt there are always challenges ahead of you and competitors chasing after you. But opportunities abound for those who have the vision to see them. Capturing and profiting from those opportunities requires hard work, dedication, effective marketing  and the [...]

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Evaluate – Recalibrate

Assessment... Rejuvenation...Reinvention Whether you make wedding cakes, watercolors, widgets or websites...the start of the new year is a great opportunity to do some self (and business) assessment and evaluation. Its a time of reflection and renewal. A time to evaluate and recalibrate. What went right? What could have been done better? Because humans are imperfect, [...]

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