Colorado is booming again. The “boom” is clearly visible from the Denver skyline, with giant construction cranes atop new buildings throughout downtown. After over a decade of economic struggles due to the recent “Great Recession” it is exciting and wonderful to see business growth resurface in a big way. 32,450 new businesses were formed in Colorado in first quarter of 2017 with new-business filings over past year are up 9.3 percent. This is the state’s biggest jump in new business filings since 2013. In addition, the state’s unemployment rate was just 2.9% in Februray – a far cry from the 7.3% rate in 2013. Certainly some reason for this growth can be pinned on the fact that many people lost their jobs during the recession and were forced into starting their own business with few other choices available. The fastest growing towns in Colorado include: Lonetree, Commerce City, Broomfield, Lochbuie and Castle Rock – all with double digit growth. U.S. News and World Report listed Colorado No. 1 for its economy and listed in the Top 10 when it comes to the best state in the nation.

All this growth means hope and opportunities for jobs and businesses of all sorts. Real estate firms, high-tech, IT/software, telecom, bioscience, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, landscaping and construction firms are among the booming sectors of our Colorado economy.

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