Do you want your ecommerce business to dominate the search engine results in 2018? Mastering several ecommerce SEO tips is the key to your digital domination.

Having an ecommerce business without a serious SEO, or search engine optimization, strategy is a lot like setting up a hotdog stand in the middle of Death Valley. You don’t think customers will find your location on their own, do you?

If you want to increase traffic and sales this year–not watch your business die a quick death in today’s hot ecommerce landscape–here are 10 ecommerce SEO tips that really work.

Let’s jump in!

1. Ecommerce SEO Tips: Produce Original Content

One of the biggest factors that assists search engine algorithms in grading websites is the presence of original content. Because ecommerce sites feature services and products that their competitors also market, they often publish generic content.

Big mistake.

Instead of displaying stock tags and descriptions for services and products, create original content that search engines can detect and grade positively.

In other words, generate content that potential customers will find helpful and that distinguishes your services and products from the client’s perspective.

This rule likewise applies to using databases and templates that are predefined. These items can result in lower search engine result page ratings because the content has been detected on the websites of competitors.

Modify your site’s content so that it is unique and features keywords relevant to your business offerings.

2. Make Product Reviews Possible

A key reason for customers to abandon an ecommerce site? They simply don’t trust it.

Even if customers do end up visiting the generally abandoned site, no reference material exists for validating their choice’s quality.

This is why it’s so critical that you add customer reviews to your online store website. This gives your potential customers the necessary information for finalizing their purchases.

Customers typically regard reviews as reliable because they come from customers who have submitted them as honest responses to the use of certain services or products, rather than as promotional content pieces.

Plus, user reviews are original content that has been freely submitted, which means it saves you money while also enhancing your site’s user experience and increasing your SERP ratings.

3. Take Advantage of 301 Redirects

This is one of the most valuable ecommerce SEO tips in the modern digital landscape. Implement these redirects so that you can benefit from the inbound links that are present on no longer existing website pages.

Providing 301 redirects essentially enables you to send internet users to other pages of your website that are related to their queries.

4. Don’t Place Too Much Emphasis on Pay-Per-Clicks

One of the biggest mistakes made among ecommerce businesses is too place too much dependence on pay-per-clicks, or PPCs.

PPCs certainly have their place, as they are the quickest and among the most affordable means available for advertising your Web presence on a third-party website, including Google.

These tools place visual and textual ads on search engines’ top ranks, which means they receive the most attention on Web pages and search engine result pages.

What’s the catch? Every time somebody clicks on your ad, you’ve got to pay for it.

PPCs are great for drawing leads to a website, but they may also backfire. If your site’s landing pages are poorly developed, or if your ad copy is badly optimized, this can nullify your campaigns and ultimately destroy your site’s integrity.

On top of that, customers are less likely to click on ads present on other websites, as they generally don’t view them as credible.

Your best bet is to employ organic search optimization techniques that will keep your website’s visibility from decreasing even when you use PPCs.

5. Master Sitemap.xml

If you don’t know what a sitemap.xml is, now is the time to get to know it.

A sitemap.xml is a file that lists your site’s URLs. Today’s search engines depend on it when crawling websites.

You can easily change it to prioritize particular areas of your Web store as well as to determine the order by which Google will identify your Web pages.

In other words, you can assign your highly optimized Web pages higher priority to ensure that they will lead to higher search engine result page rankings.

6. Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

Among the most critical ecommerce SEO tips we’ll discuss here has to do with optimizing your meta descriptions, or the summaries of your pages’ content.

You can do this by making sure that your descriptions meet the following criteria:

  • Be self-explanatory
  • Be convincing
  • Be concise

Optimizing your meta descriptions efficiently can increase your click-through rate and thus grow traffic to your site.

7. Build Links Properly

Another important SEO move for your ecommerce site? Don’t place links to your site indiscriminately on websites with low ratings, as this will lead to lower search engine result pages for you.

Instead, pay close attention to where your website links go. It will have a major impact on your website’s traffic and credibility long term.

8. Include Keywords in Your Anchor Text

Don’t forget to also include keywords in your internal links’ anchor text. This will boost your site’s visibility and give users descriptive, clickable links.

This also improves the user experience because the links offer the only data required to help your potential customers to find pages. Again, this will ultimately benefit your click-through rate.

9. Apply SEO to Service and Product Images

Another smart SEO tactic is to optimize the images present in your online store.

To do this, simply add relevant keywords to your alt tags, or the pieces of text that provide alternative information for your images.

Doing this will make it even easier for users to locate your services and products online.

10. Modify Robots.txt Files

You can direct a search engine crawler to crawl only certain pages of your website by changing your Robots.txt file.

This will save website bandwidth as well as streamline the search engine operations required to ascertain high rankings.

Translation: You can easily be No. 1 on Google in your industry. #hotdog

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